Dead Girl Walking…


Hello Liars,

Vivian D here offering some insight on your second favourite dead girl, Bethany Young. Bethany, oh Bethany where to start with you. First of all you can stop the whole ‘dead’ act because we all know that you have no proof your in that grave. I mean, we have never seen a grown up picture of you, just from when you were at the nuthouse being your usual psychopath self. Hello it has been done before, and not even for a good enough reason in my opinion. But word is you had or have it out for Charlotte D aka CeCe aka Charles because Mrs. D had something for your daddy. If you killed Mrs. D it doesn’t mean you have to hide, I mean if my dad was sleeping with my best friends mom I might have it out for her too.  Or maybe you killed our good tormentor friend, Charlotte D? But don’t worry, I’m sure you will have your time in the spotlight soon enough, that is if Marlene wants to clear up your ‘death’ story.

Now let’s talk about the upcoming episode and ‘twin’ theory. I mean first of all come on Marlene we all saw this coming when we still thought Ali D was dead. Bethany is Ali’s twin, it lines up. Our friend Bethany has never been seen as a teenager, what if our dead pal Beth actually has the same face as our first favourite dead girl Alison DiLaurentis..

If Bethany is alive, I can guarantee that she won’t just make a quiet appearance, if you have ever seen PLL she will most likely come back with a bang. My guess is that Marlene wanted 6B to be ok and leading up to the season finale it will be better than anything we have witnessed so far. It was confirmed that one of the liars is related to the big A, could this be another secret our favourite family was hiding? I mean it would be one of many secrets from that family but hello it makes sense.

B.Y could also be related to our other sketchy friend. And no I am not talking about Mona V, I’m talking about the other blond who we thought was dead. Sara Harvey our now-short-haired friends who just decided she wants to spend her free time hanging out in the shadows. Does anyone find it kind of weird how we never really got a good explanation about Sara’s experience in the dollhouse.. I mean did she run away, did she get kidnapped, or did she ‘escape’ to go and help out A?

Or maybe she is Bethany, Bethany is her and this person was scared of just mental so she decided to change her name. It doesn’t make sense how M Hastings and M Vanderwall both claimed they killed Beth. And lets not forget that Melissa didn’t exactly bury Bethany in the place where the cops claimed they found her, oh wait that cop was Wilden. The shady detective who didn’t exactly put everything out in the open. Could there be someone else buried in Ali’s grave, or maybe no one at all… This whole situation seems kind of strange to me, stranger than any other plot wholes in this show. It is like they are waiting for us to figure this out.

Bethany I hope to see you soon my ‘dead’ friend. I know it has been a long journey of many many cover up stories and lies, but lets just get a little glimpse of your face. And Marlene, there’s a lot of unanswered questions here. Especially that burning question we all have, is Bethany Young alive and if she is then WHO IS IN ALI D’S GRAVE?

But hush hush sweet liars, wouldn’t want Ali to find out her pal Vivian D is back in Rosewood. Until next time…