Ella, A Connection?

Ella and Byron

I was going to name this post Ella is A but I know the title of that post sounds ridiculous, even to me. So I wanted to do this theory for ages and ages but I was busy going on the clues of the show and writing obvious ones.

So I was looking up the name Ella and it actually is….

Ella is A

I wasn’t expecting that but there you have it.

Baby, German, Ella, Old German name starting with A.

It also has a French, English and American meaning, all themes of the show.

Ella baby Name

I’ve been suss of these two since season 1.


Why is Ella sorry? Okay her and Byron were going through a rough patch but IS she the one that is sorry, the affair was Byron’s fault.

In Season 3, That girl is poison, Jason and Spencer find a shop named April Rose Antiques. I know Ella’s maiden name is Rose, and her parents’ names according to Wikia are Jack and Rudy Rose. So What if this store is theirs? and what if the bracelet that Jason and Spencer found was put there by either Byron or Ella?

April Rose Antiques

Ella also makes this odd comment to Aria….

Ella Thoery

IMK tweeted that AM and BY are related, could it be that it’s through Ella? Maybe that’s why Eddie recognized Aria, because she looks like her young aunt? I wonder if Mona called Aria Big A because it’s Aria’s aunt, connected to Aria’s mom.

So I have a theory that Bethany is Ella’s younger sister and Aria’s aunt. I didn’t want to do the twin theory because although it’s possible it could be that Bethany is Ella’s child, the birth dates for Aria and Bethany don’t match up.

I thought that maybe Bethany was talking about Ella in her recording? Like mother, like daughter?

Maybe Ella told Mrs.D to get on the board instead of her so no-one would be suss, and Byron and Ella paid Mrs. D not to take her out from time to time.

Only Ali knew everyone’s secrets and knew about Bethany, she hated that Aria’s parents had got her mom involved in their lies and blackmailed Byron to tell Aria the truth about her crazy young aunt.

This could have been motive for Ella to hit Ali and for Byron to protect her?

I wonder if Mrs. D called Byron and told him that Bethany had escaped, that’s why he was there.

Bethany hates Ella, her family and her friend’s families for being able to grow up with their families and siblings whilst she had to grow up in Radley. But she hates Ali even more for using her to get to the Montgomery’s.

I don’t know if this could ever be true but what I do know if that Ella and Byron are Uber shady!

What do you think? Could Ella be part of A’s web?


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