Emily Is A Theory

Emily is A theory Pll

Emily is A theory Pll

I didn’t think of Emily being a possible A until I saw this theory on You Tube (Watch it if you can, it’s really good), anyway since there are so many clues I focused on one scene that stood out, this one….

emily is A

Then I thought about it, how freakin’ insane would it be if Emily was keeping Maya’s body here, and vowed to get revenge for her?

It is so messed up but would freak everyone, right? And we know Marlene loves to shock.

When Red Coat went to the pick up the hoodies, the guy asked if they were for a team, what if Emily had been there before to pick up kits for the swim team?

In season 5B, Aria only told Emily about her letter to Jackie. Emily had access to Aria’s book and to the till receipt.

In taking this one to the Grave, Mona tells the girls why Alison picked them, Emily says “she never loved me” and her face look filled with anger. Did she want to get back at Alison so she kills Mona and frames Ali for the murder? At the end of the episode A is making a snow globe, we all know Emily has Ali’s globe and she picked one up from the stuff Toby was moving in Season one.

In Season 4. Ep 1 when all the girls are in Mona’s van and they hear the little girls, one of the little girls say “It was all Emily’s idea”, that’s freaky. So could could she be getting back at the girls because maybe their parents had something to do with Maya’s death?

I don’t know about Emily, even writing all this seems like I’m clutching at straws but in the last episode The Bin of Sin, she just headed off to the seventh floor, how did she know there was a seventh floor? And the two others got trapped in the freezer.

Maybe Emily is working with Maya, who knows!

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