Everything you need to know about Charles

Everything you need to know about Charles

Where does Charles fit in? What about everything that happened that night.

mrs d email

  • Mrs DiLaurentis wrote ‘I can’t protect you anymore’, who would she protect after hitting her own daughter, the only person you would bury your daughter for is another child or your sibling and it would make sense if that person did it out of having a mental illness

mrs dil

  • Mrs DiLaurentis received a call that night, she knew that someone escaped from Radley, what was she so concerned about? Was it the fact that she knew someone was coming after her daughter Alison, is that why she warned Alison not to go out that night, but what did they want with Alison, did she know that this person had something on Ali, was it jealousy?

mrs d ali

  • Alison knows a lot of secrets but she does not know this one, she is completely oblivious to it, she would know who A is if she did know, it is likely to be someone she hasn’t met before
  • What if Mrs DiLaurentis has a sister, a lot of people are saying that it could be Toby’s mom, Marion Cavanaugh

marion cavanaugh

  • Mrs DiLaurentis had an affair with Bethany’s father but who gave Bethany this information, Cece, Marion and Toby were possibly around Radley at the time, was it one of the three that said something or was it Mrs DiLaurentis that explained it to her whilst she took her out to the stables. Did Mrs DiLaurentis tell Bethany that she a brother called Charles?
  • Why did this person bury Mrs DiLaurentis, if it was Charles, her son, why would he bury his mother, for giving him away to protect her family? How could she give birth to him without anyone finding out?

mrs d dead

  • A told Toby that they knew what happened to his mom, we think that Bethany saw what happened to his mom and Cece was pretending to be Ali in Radley at the time so was it one of them who sent him that text

marion toby

  • Bethany has been a big part in PLL, Mrs DiLaurentis felt the need to be close with her and take her out to the stables so are they somehow related. Was she really Bethany’s aunt, if Marion is Mrs DiLaurentis’ sister then is Bethany Toby’s sister but no what if Mrs DiLaurentis is Bethany’s mom and she lied to her, is that why Bethany wrote ‘liar’ all over her drawing


  • We know that Charles has a heartbreaking story but why would that be
  • Why do the Hastings have so many secrets that they were worried about them coming up

hastings secrets

  • What did Peter mean when he asked Mrs DiLaurentis if they still had ‘an understanding’ and why was Mrs DiLaurentis was more concerned about Alison at this point

mrs d peter

  • What if Mrs DiLaurentis knew that Alison will survive and she buried her from ‘Charles’ to protect her
  • Why did Mrs DiLaurentis buy two dresses and they were yellow, this is Bethany’s favorite color, yellow dresses plleverything seems to be linked to Bethany and did you notice the color of the blanket she was wrapped in in the Charles video, it was yellow, so does that mean Mrs DiLaurentis was holding Bethany and not Alison. Also the boys in the video looked about 4 years old and Jason would be much older than that if the baby girl was Alison, another point is that the boys are not twins, there has been so many twins in PLL, I’m sure the producers would find two boys that look completely alike if they were twinsmrs d
  • Who was taking the video of Mrs DiLaurentis, it couldn’t have been Kenneth if Bethany or the other boy were meant to be a secret
  • Charles had a bunch of his belongings in that room, the photographs, all of the girls rooms were replicated so was this his room

charles frames

charles room

  • @lady_terp on Twitter pointed out that one of the items in one of the room was also found in Toby’s room so is Charles related to Toby


  • Could Charles be someone else’s brother, Jason is Peter Hasting’s son and we have learnt that the girls are connected in some way so what if they are all related to Charles in some way

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