Ezra and Aria are writing A book – Guest Theory by Lauren

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Ezra and Aria Created “A” for their novel…
ezra aria

In Season 1, Ezra (Mr. Fitz) selects “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee for his English class to read and discuss. Right away Aria’s interpretation of Boo Radley causes Ezra yell at another student who simply disagrees with her opinion. Later, when Aria tells Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery that she is really enjoying To Kill a Mockingbird, they tell her she should read Harper Lee’s autobiography and Mr. Montgomery says she has it in her to write a novel.


Harper Lee went to college in MONTGOMERY = ARIA MONTGOMERY

Boo Radley from To Kill A Mockingbird = RADLEY SANITARIUM

In Season 4, we find out that Ezra came to Rosewood knowing who all of the girls were so he could write a true crime novel about Alison’s disappearance. Aria only learned about the novel by finding it. She calls his agent and learns that Ezra is at the publisher’s office working on releasing the book. Aria goes to Ezra’s apartment, finds all of his notes on the girls, completely loses it, and trashes his apartment in a rage.

We also find out that Ezra called Alison his Holly Golightly, and there is a huge emphasis on Breakfast at Tiffany’s, written by Truman Capote. TRUMAN CAPOTE, who also wrote In Cold Blood.

HUGE clues here:

Harper Lee gave Truman Capote a ton of information to help him write In Cold Blood. She went out and interviewed people because they were more likely to confide in her. Truman Capote used all of this information and didn’t give Harper Lee any credit, even after the book was extremely successful.



Basically, Aria is Harper Lee and Ezra is Truman Capote. Aria gave Ezra all the information he needed to write the book and was totally aware of it. They planned and executed all of the “A” messages and actions because they needed to see how the girls would realistically react to all of these events. Aria only got mad at Ezra because she found out he was going to publish the book without telling her and she felt like he wasn’t going to give her any credit.

Alison came up with the idea when she was hanging out with Ezra before her “disappearance.” She told him about all of the girls and said to go to Rosewood and date Aria and propose the idea of creating A and writing a book about it with him. Ali knew that Aria was the only one that would go along with it. That is why she told Aria, “You know why I picked you, right?”

So, Alison, Ezra and Aria are essentially Uber-A, however they truly care for their friends and only put them in these situations in order to write a true crime novel. They weren’t really involved in any murders, like Mrs. D, Ian, Garrett, Marion or Bethany Young.

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  • Lauren Shelton

    What do you all think? If Gossip Girl taught us anything, it is all about the opening scene and who do we focus on in the pilot once we get to current time? Aria meeting Ezra…

  • Amy

    This could be possible. But what about Charles? Is Charles made up so Aria and Ezra can see how everyone reacts? I think that would just be a bit cruel, because making up an insane brother is sort of crazy.

  • Lauren Shelton

    Maybe Ezra is Charles? And Aria knows the whole story and she is Red Coat? The past few episodes have really thrown me lol. Now I’m leaning more towards CeCe as Uber A/Red Coat and Noel Kahn as Charles.