Why Ezra Is connected to Bethany and A.D

Ezra Uber A

Eddie Lamb gave Ezra Bethany’s drawing (S5,E7)

Ezra had money, he could easily pay someone to create that game for him and he can pay to keep an eye on the girls.

One of the pictures Bethany supposedly drew shows a blonde that looks like Charlotte with what looks to 2 boys, my bet is that this is Ezra and Wren and either a therapist or Mary drake.

Bethany drew a picture of what seemed like her brother being taken away from her, was it Ezra being taken away?

The Kissing Rock has the initials E.F + A.D, Ezra Fitz and….

In S7 E13, Ezra has his book papers laid out on the floor and Aria comes in, she reads the side note, I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seemed like Ezra wanted Aria to find it.

At Ezra’s mom’s gallery, we saw the exact painting that spooked Ali.

He was at Charlotte’s hearing, why?

Mrs Grunwald said one of you has been touched by him, I’m sure she was talking about Ezra.

Why target Aria? Unless in some twisted way Ezra is testing Aria’s loyalty to the “family”.

We thought it was Spencer acting weird at the airport but Ezra was the one who tried to get away before she saw him.

When he was “stalking” the girls, it was probably because he thought one of them had killed Bethany and was trying to figure out who.

Marlene said that A.D is avenging Charlotte’s death – I think Charlotte was Bethany, and that was Ezra’s twin – they are both the exact same age, 29. I know you’re thinking but Charlotte was Charles! Well, I don’t think Charlotte was ever Charles, I think Sara Harvey was the real Charles. Go back and watch the clip of Charles and Bethany at the rooftop, and you’ll see direct personalities: Charles was introverted and shy – sounds like Sara Harvey, right? And Bethany was evil and had split personalities, sounds like Charlotte, right?

I think Charlotte took Sara Harvey’s story and turned it into her own because she was that twisted. Sara always tried to protect the girls, it seemed like someone else was controlling her, someone like Bethany.

Also, if you watch Sara Harvey, whenever things got quite upsetting for her, she would go and take a bath or a shower, now, when Charles was young, water brought him comfort, that’s why he put Ali in the bath.

We also saw the “real” Sara Harvey and who we saw didn’t look anything like her. I think she could be the one in the grave.

I think Ezra and Wren know each other as Wren was Charlotte’s boyfriend in the beginning.

I think Toby definitely killed Charlotte/Bethany for pushing his mother down at Radley.

I’ll keep adding to this!