Could it be…Ezra as Uber A?

Ezra Uber A

Ezra uber A

I’ve never done a full theory on Ezra before, simply because there were so many out there, I didn’t have an angle. But after watching 6B, i feel he could be a good contender for Uber A.

I just feel he was so shady in the opening episode that there could be some evil lurking in him after all.

Here’s my short but sweet theory, because i’m treating 6B as new and haven’t got much to go on, yet:

Ezra came into the court at a critical moment – just as Aria was about to speak, he listened to her say how scared she was of A and how she didn’t want Charlotte to be let out. What if, Ezra genuinely still cares for Aria in a possessive, crazy kinda way and he killed Charlotte because he doesn’t want anyone “hurting” Aria. I wonder if he might have had something to do with Nicole’s death, he came back to Rosewood exactly in time – Convenient, right.

I felt the rose was a sign of revenge for someone’s sweetheart, could be for Aria.

He has the money, he knows the story . Whoever was watching the girls has that equipment set up and Ezra sure does know how to set up a “CCTV” hub. I know Charlotte was working alone, I feel that Uber A has a group of people working for him/her.

I think he may have Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde type tendencies, they’ve made him out like a good Samaritan, building houses, but I think there could be something more.

Side note: Ali also looked suss, so I wonder if her and Ezra are in it together. Ali just seemed like she wanted to keep control of the liars again. Whoever is Uber A has 5 years of planning, this is going to be huge!!