#FaceToFace with A

charles pll

It’s finally here! 11th August.  Just hours away from tonights episode, Game Over, Charles!

Watch the promo:

Read tonight’s episode description, listed on IMDb, below:

game over, charles

What a crazy episode this is going to be. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be some shocking surprises.

If you watched the sneak peak you’ll see that Charles is standing on the roof of a building, the girls have followed him and Alison is trying to convince him not to jump.

charles pll

Marlene has said that we will feel sorry for Charles and Charles has a soul. I think Mrs DiLaurentis was the cause of all the things that he had done. I don’t think Charles meant to hurt anyone, I don’t think he has actually killed anyone.

The moms were pretty suspicious in the last episode, what was up with Ms Marin, was she trying to protect the truth from coming out. Why was she trying to stop Mrs Hastings from going to Kenneth to confront him. Then this Rhys Matthews guy shows up from nowhere, does the DiLaurentis family owe him money?

The whole DiLaurentis family is super shady but I think deep down Ali knows who’s after her and why they are after the girls, she could be just protecting herself by trying to hide it.

I think Marion is alive and Maya and maybe even Garrett. Who knows even Mrs DiLaurentis could still be alive, unless she killed by Red Coat.

I’m super curious to know who Black Widow and Red Coat are. Black Widow has a scar on her face, we haven’t seen any of the characters with a scar so I’m guessing it’s someone who we haven’t seen before and that could be Marion Cavanaugh who was hit by the stink bomb in Toby’s house.

Red Coat could be Bethany (Check out this theory).

Also, where has Jenna been in all of this?!

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