Game on Charles – Pll Recap

Game on Charles - Pll Recap

Season 6 Pll

What a freaking’ episode! That kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through, and I’m so glad it’s all developing now and quite fast.

So from last night’s episode we finally saw that Sara Harvey was Alive. Does this mean that the girl in Ali’s back yard really was Bethany Young? (Personally I wouldn’t rule out Bethany yet) Which could mean one of the liars could have killed someone else altogether! And was Sara held there for over 3 years? Something does not add up here.

Sara Harvey pll

What did A do to the girls that tormented them so much? Aside from Aria losing inches from her hair. I guess it’s going to mess them up pretty bad later on. This will call for future trip to see Dr. Sullivan.

Also there is a connection to Toby’s mom, he says that the music that A plays is what she used to play, this could be a clue that he’s involved or that Marion is Alive.

The girls burnt down A’s soul room! Don’t they know how crazy he is already, i’m sure they just made it 10 times worse. But I did love watching A squirm when he didn’t know which way to look, Ali or the girls.

We are meant to believe that Andrew is behind it all but i’m not so sure. A looked like he/she had a thin frame.  Plus, this journal entry looks like it could have been written by a boy or a girl. Someone got close to the girls, even though they didn’t like them.  They say that Emily and Hanna are the worst? If anything I think Andrew is connected to Sara Harvey and A has been blackmailing him whilst holding her captive.

Also A is a little obsessed with popular girls because Sara’s friends said she was like the Ali of their group. And he got obsessed with Mona after she went popular. The prom status is a symbol of popularity.

A knew the girls long before Ali was their leader. I think all of them have a past we don’t know about.

Andrew's journal page

Also nice set up by Ezra, Toby and Caleb to get Ali way, if they can do all that why can they not catch out Charles with their tech gadgets? The police department must be really lame, if a bunch of teens (and Exra) can get one over on them, oh yeah that’s why the cops haven’t got to Charles yet.

Now Jason, I don’t think he is Charles but Marlene is going to make him look as suspicious as hell! Who else had access to Ali’s room? Toby possibly?

I wonder why the girls never ask Mona anything like what she was doing with those anagrams and how close she was with Andrew, or the one that haunts me most, what the hell did Maya know!

I will say it again, the voice-over in the dollhouse sounds eerily like Maya!

Also who is M?

Whose voice was that as the car assistance?

Also why were Toby and the detective looking at this? And when Tanner came they closed the screen? Radley is permanently closed? Why? Could it be something to do with another patient there?

Radley closed

Next episode promo:

Here is my theory that suggested that A was planning this for ages:

What did you guys think of the episode? xoxo

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