The A Game

pll theories


This is a far-fetched theory and I hope it makes sense.


Ali is getting texts from A (anonymous) this is Mona because Ali bullied her and made her feel like crap.

Ali is not stupid, she finds out it’s Mona but she wants to play the game too so she gets Cece to help. Before that she is plotting a way to make herself disappear, she decides to get on everyone’s nerves, so when she fakes her death everyone will become a suspect. What she really wants is everyone to be talking about her because she loves the attention.


She tells Cece to come wearing the same clothes as her. She also tells Bethany to come to Rosewood in the same clothes. I think she wanted to confuse Mona because Mona (A) said she’ll kill her that night.

Bethany arrives and Mona hits her with the shovel and runs. Melissa finds Bethany and buries her but Bethany is alive. She gets out and hits Ali with a rock because she thinks Ali hit her. That would explain why the other person is still bleeding.

Ali’s mum freaks out and runs outside because she knows Bethany is the Radley patient. I do think Bethany saw Mrs. D push someone but I don’t know if it’s Marion, the drawing Bethany draws looks like it’s of a younger girl (Maybe Sara Harvey?)

Mrs. D buries Ali and Maybe Bethany runs? Or Bethany also dies and Mrs D also buries her again.

Did Ali ask Mrs. Grunwald to help her escape and then the plan went wrong because Mrs Grunwald came anyway.

Why would Mona be driving around at that time? She sees Ali and is shocked because she thought she killed her. Now she has to make her disappear so she takes her the motel, cleans her up and tells her to leave.

Mona gets her wish and becomes popular. Until Alison returns as A and starts taunting the girls.

She gets Mona to reveal herself as A to the girls. RC visits Mona and Mona says “I did what you asked” to her.

Also it’s always been about who gets to be Uber A, who’s at the top of the game, someone stole the game from Mona, which I think was Ali and Mona wanted it back. Maybe someone else stole the game also? Bethany?

So what about Mona’s death in theory?

I think either that Mona planned her death and landed Ali in jail to regain her title as Uber A or that Ali had Cece or someone kill Mona for real to take the game back.

Now if Bethany ran and is alive she could have stolen the game from both Ali and Mona and is trying to frame the girls for Ali’s pending murder.

What If all the clues we see with A at the end is A planning them in the girls’ houses to fake evidence one day against them. Because we now think that all the girls are part of A but what if that’s the plan.

Oh I also think each A has a team – how do people get recruited otherwise? Do they just wear a black hoodie, no they have an inside woman/man!

So Mona has Paige, Lucas, Jenna, Toby (maybe)

Alison has Cece, had Wilden, Noel, Cindy and Mndy, Maybe Maya

If it’s Bethany, has Wren because no one else know about her. Is she Black Widow? Black widow has a distorted/burned side of her face, is this wear she got hit?

Black widow pll

So it’s all been a game like The Hunger Games sort of? Maybe that’s why Mona says Game over Ali, I win. Maybe Mona told Paige to come and fake kill her but someone got their first and really killed her. Is that why Paige left?



All the girls want to be Queen

There are holes in the theory but I hope you liked this one. Leave your comments below!!


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