Garrett is Charles?

Garrett is Charles

I was wondering if anyone ever dies in Rosewood and this theory was born.

Could Garrett be Charles? These clues point to one of the least suspected characters on the show. Well, he’s dead you may say, but so was Mona and she’s now alive and well.

Here are the reasons why:

Garrett is 25, the only one who is older than all the main characters on the show, (obv not the parents) the correct age to be Charles.

In the first secret, we see Ali first meet Jenna, A takes a mask from the wall, that Jenna is standing near, what if that was Garrett, and he used Jenna to get close to the liars and Toby.

garret and jenna

Garret takes Spencer

This happened:


Was Mona and Jason working to get rid of Garrett, because they feared him?

Jason and Mona

We see Garrett watching the girls at the Apple Rose Grille


Garrett tells Dr. Sullivan that he cannot file an investigation on who trashed her office unless her patients names are revealed. He is a cop, why is he lying?

Garrett told Spencer he liked her, that he tried to keep her safe, is that why he revealed himself to her in the vault?

He smiled at the girls after Emily killed Nate.

Toby gave Garrett this look after he left Spencer’s house, did Toby know something?

Toby PLL

This little boy from the doll shop told the liars A guy and a girl came in looking for a doll, could it be Jenna and Garrett?

pll theories

Marlene tweeted this:

Garrett is Charles

Garrett was calling Spencer in most of Season 3 Ep 1. Then when she goes to visit him, he says, I know who took her body,  well, Ali was Alive the whole time so he was feeding Spencer a lie.

Garrett also says this to Spencer “Birth records don’t lie” was he talking about his own?

Garrett was part of the NAT Club, he wanted to film everyone, that was his plan, he got Jason and Ian involved and then try to have them killed?

In ‘Touched by an Angel” Jenna says to Garret about the girls – They are close to finding out about us, they know about the NAT club. She thinks he killed Ali that night, so what if that’s exactly what happened?

Hanna called him Officer Two Face.

He would have access to the medical records, since he was a cop, he could get his hands on any private information. He could have set up cameras at the police station and Wilden could have been helping him.

In Monsters to the End, Garrett visits Ezra’s flat and he looks around the apartment, taking in notes, this could be a trait which is why the girls bedrooms looked so similar in the dollhouse.

A at Ezra's house

I found this from wiki:

Garrett also eavesdrops on several conversations, including the conversation between Jason and Peter Hastings, as well as Aria’s phone call.

What do you think? Could Garrett be Charles?

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