Bethany is Alive and AD


As a very enthusiastic PLL fan, I have written an in depth theory (over the course of 4 years) with my very good friend Xara, proving my points with lots of evidence and logic. Having been a PLL fan for since I was 7 years, and having re-watched the episodes at least 30-40 times, I like to think this theory is either very close to the truth or in fact correct.

Firstly, I will write down my outlined theory, in brackets I will write multiple answers/rebuttals, in some cases a multitude of theories could be plausible! Afterwards I will answer some questions that I know we all have about PLL.

BETHANY YOUNG IS ALIVE AND END GAME. The name Bethany is biblical and is the “sister of Lazarus and by Mary…” Surely this cannot be a coincidence?

Jessica D and Peter Hasting are Bethany Young’s parents. At birth Bethany was facially different and thus Peter did not wish to care for her. Like Peter, Jessica did not wish to openly care for Bethany due to her facial difference; as she was scared that it would ruin her ‘idealistic’ and ‘perfect’ family image. *Mrs Field’s and Mrs Hastings often mention that Rosewood is a judgmental town* (If Pam Fields think it is a disgrace that Aria has pink hair, how would she react to a facially disfigured child?)

– This theory explains why Bethany hates Jessica (whom she draws as the devil) and Alison (who is living the life she wants to live).


Jessica feels so guilty that she takes Bethany on trips (something I doubt she would do if it wasn’t her child). She also buys Bethany gifts, note the TWO YELLOW DRESSES at Christmas time.

alison d

  • Alison found out about Bethany and got very jealous (we have seen how jealous she is in the recent episode of Paige and Emily)
  • Alison started writing to Bethany so that she could lure her to Rosewood and kill her *Bethany said on the tape in Radley “Is mother like daughter” so Bethany was questioning Ali’s true nature*

That night is still a massive mystery… BUT TWO PEOPLE WERE PULLED FROM THE GRAVE, remember the different hands??One hand was left, the other hand was right!!!

alis hand

Right hand                                                     Left Hand

  • The drug Alison gave the liars was Melizopam, the same drug found in Emily’s flask the night she slept walked. On that night Emily had no recollection of what she had done but, did ain fact do a lot of stuff.
  • I think the liars played a bigger role in that night than they remember, ALSO reason for A/AD to target them alongside Alison.
  • The only person Jessica would cover for is her daughter Bethany (CECE made the whole of 6×11 up to protect her….)

*Alison fled Rosewood after her near death experience but still appeared to be playing a game with the liars…she is the one character whose involvement is hard to pin point*

Bethany’s hatred for the liars stems from what they did to her that night. It is clear Bethany is obsessed with dolls and the liars are beautiful just like real life Barbie’s. Due to Bethany’s facial disfigurement she chooses to wear masks…. I think Bethany shows these facial differences through her own self portraits….

bethany face


Photo credit:

Bethany decides to wear masks which resemble Alison and the liars due to her obsession to both conceal her identity and insecurities, this is why the eyes on photos are scratched out, so that she can wear the masks. (I also want to add, it was only revealed in season 6 that prosthetic skin was being used to make masks, thus Bethany could have been pretending to dress up as other people for a lot longer…)


Bethany could have been disguised as the cleaning lady in Season 6 at the Radley.

Leslie Stone

  • fake glasses…
  • coincidence that she was in Radley?
  • voice sounds similar to BY, there are YouTube videos proving this
  • Range Rover = money
  • She comes to Rosewood for 48hours and causes a multitude of problems
  • She was working in Veterinary and had access to electric fencing and microchips

Black Widow

  • Slim build, often wears a mask
  • Note the burnt side of the mask, which A is wearing.
  • Not only does this disfigured mask support that Bethany/A is facially different, but may also suggest it was in fact the liars that could have injured her
  • It could be possible that Bethany was injured in the same fire as Jenna (but I think this is very unlikely)
  • The episode that the burnt masked black widow appears in, is the same video that Meredith gets burnt by Lucas at the school Marathon
  • This suggests that Meredith could also on the A Team (perhaps meeting Bethany in Radley, as we are told she had a history of mental problems)


I believe for these reasons that Bethany empathises with Jenna and saves her from last season’s finale so that she can join the A Team. AD uses Jenna as a pawn, it is clear that Jenna walks into the police station on AD’s behalf. By naming Noel as “a psychotic killer” in the most recent episode by throwing the police off the scent.

BETHANY’S HELPER IS WREN and HE IS CHARLES (there have been too many clues for him not to be involved!!)

  • Wren’s father was a ‘loony,’ as he tells Hanna when she visits Mona in Radley.
  • Wren’s father is Byron Montgomery’s brother, who we are told also had mental health issues.
  • Jessica slept with Wren’s father either before or during her marriage to Mr Dilaurentis. (As Wren is older than Jason and Melissa by two years! (He is 25, Melissa is 23)
  • Wren (who was then called Charles) nearly drowned Alison by accident and was sent to Radley, when his supposed death occurred, I think Jessica in fact arranged for him to be adopted in England, giving him a better life but did not tell Mr Dilaurentis
  • She set up the Carissimi Group as a sort of trust fund so that he would be well looked after.
  • Upon coming back to America Charles renamed himself Wren. The name Wren in fact means “King of Charles,” while his surname “Kingston” literally means “King of the woods…” (Rosewood?!)
  • Furthermore, Wren’s are known as being particularly vindictive and aggressive birds… hint hint!!

The clues about Wren being a large part of UBER A team are endless and have been for ages!

  • Remember the maths equation which solved to WREN=A in season 3?
  • Plus all the British words written on white boards?
  • Sara Harvey got a tattoo of a bird freed from it’s cage… Wren free from Radley?
  • Wren birds are also seen on the walls in A’s lair


New haircut …

plltheories copy

  • Wren attacked Alison while dressed as this cop
  • The liars often wear wren bird clothing (few examples)

  • There are numerous other Wren clues, such as both drink Vodka Soda and both have OCD; while these are valid points, they do not specifically mean Wren is A so I have chosen to exclude them.

I doubt Wren knew Bethany in Radley since the timing would be wrong (another reason why CECE Drake’s story didn’t add up. I think Wren and Bethany joined forces due to their mutual hatred of Rosewood.


  • Lucas was the original person who spied on the liars, he has always hated them for bullying him, we know he is interested in film and camera’s early on is Season1/2… I also think Lucas was the person who originally taunted Alison, as a form of revenge. He was also the person who dressed up in the Halloween Episode Season 2 and tried to suffocate her.
  • Lucas is also the person who recently made THE GAME. We are told that Lucas made his money from an App and by playing the market… we know that the UBER A Team is funded by BIG MONIESSSS
  • Mona like Lucas sought revenge on the liars from the start, yet secretly always wanted to be in their gang.
  • Despite playing the game, she has always been a porn in Uber A’s games. I think Mona quite liked being a victim of A, with the liars as it finally meant she was one of them! This is why I believe MONA KILLED CECE DRAKE. A) to get in with the liars B) to piss of Uber A and be a victim
  • Mona is also clever enough to plant the purple flowers in Cece’s hand to point the finger at Alison and detract all blame from herself


  • Melissa was blackmailed by A as they knew her many secrets… Melissa hated Alison due to Alison’s interest in Ian, but also because Alison knew secrets about the Hastings family. We can all definitely imagine the old Alison dropping nasty hints etc.


  • Rollins was Wren’s step brother in England when he was adopted. After coming back to Rosewood alone, Wren employs the help of his old stepbrother to seek revenge, he introduces Rollins to CECE Drake and explains that CECE is covering for him so that his identity can remain concealed
  • Wren promises Rollins money 
  • CECE was Alison’s good friend until Alison got her kicked out of U-PENN (which was before Alison’s trip down to Cape May). In Cape May Cece met Wren, they became close friends and since then Cece was working on the A Team. This is why Wren broke the rules for Cece in Radley etc.
  • Cece was Bethany’s older sister and thus when CECE was killed B sought revenge

Other possible members… Paige, Maya, Meredith (possible friend of CECE) etc. 

Answering all those questions….

NOEL AND JENNA had their own vendetta against the liars. They were nothing to do with the main A Team. (Until AD kidnapped Jenna, now she is in on it all!)

– Noel fell in love with Jenna and hated the liars for blinding her, he has been gathering information whilst pretending to be on Alison’s side

– Noel is the man in the black hoodie who shot Ezra, he was still jealous that Aria chose Ezra over him

– Besides Uber A never uses guns, yet Noel did in both Season 4 (man on NY rooftop) and in his final episode while trying to shoot the liars.

– Furthermore, Noel’s death is perfect as it draws attention away from AD

Who is Sara Harvey?

  • Sara Harvey is described by her friends in a similar way to Alison
  • Sara may have spent time in Radley as a child due to her unstable mother, who apparently abused her, if this is the case Sara may have met Bethany and became friends
  • Yet Bethany knew that Sara was like an ‘Alison Dilaurentis,’ she was recruited easily on the promise she would become a legend
  • The Uber A Team decided they needed to employ someone with a similar mind set to Alison if they wished to track her down and play with her, besides what better logic than using a rat to track a rat?
  • Sara was killed because she grew feelings for Emily and couldn’t be trusted anymore, she had fulfilled her purpose

Who killed Mrs Cavanaugh?

  • Jessica D killed Mrs C because she found out that Jessica was keeping her own sister hostage in Radley
  • Bethany saw Jessica push Mrs C and got blamed for it

Who killed Mrs D?

  • Mary Drake killed her own sister for wrongfully keeping her a hostage in Radley.
  • The infamous meaning of to be BOO Radley can be identified as mockingbirds—innocents who have been injured or destroyed through contact with evil.

*Not only is this another reference to birds and how Wren/Charles were destroyed in Radley, but also insinuates everyone held in captivity at Radley is their wrongfully*


What happened to Maya?

  • Maya disappeared at the Kahn’s house, she had been hiding out there for a while
  • It is likely that Maya found out something about Alison and then told Noel in exchange.
  • I never really felt as though Maya cared very much for Emily, Maya could easily be a member of the A team


Why the hell is Alison such a big question mark?

  • Alison still hasn’t told the liars or us what happened that night and afterwards
  • All we know is the lie, and even that appears to be made up given she paid Cirius to attack Ashley Marin.
  • I think Alison could have been helping to black mail the liars all along, we all know Ali is capable of it.


What actually happened THAT NIGHT?

  • There has to be three bodies originally buried, one is Alison, two is Bethany, three is? However, the timeline for Alison being buried is not right. We see Alison being buried at night and rescuing ft. Grundwald but then with Ian at first light kissing??
  • Ali may have never been buried… we know she is a pathological liar



  • Spencer may have been adopted from Radley at a slightly older age than Veronica suggests (Veronica doesn’t tell Spencer to spare her feelings)
  • This would explain why Spencer had the Radley dream and remembered an older sister looking after her
  • I think that older sister/twin could be Cece Drake
  • Cece and Spencer lived with their mother Mary until oneday Spencer stabbed for stealing the doll (children in the Halloween Episode Season 2)
  • Spencer noticeably shares the same freckles as the little girl
  • Meanwhile the fact Spencer gets so freaked out by the blood in the doll house in Season 5 and starts shouting “what have I done” suggests she stabbed someone but had blocked the memory
  • This may explain why she spent time as a child in Radley

Spencer and Cece

Theory by

Eleanor Cooke