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Mr. Cavanaugh is Big Bad!Based off the Book Lolita        

                                                         Lolita Summary

“In the manuscript, Humbert relates his peaceful upbringing on the Riviera, where he encounters his first love, the twelve-year-old Annabel Leigh. Annabel and the thirteen-year-old Humbert never consummate their love, and Annabel’s death from typhus four months later haunts Humbert. Although Humbert goes on to a career as a teacher of English literature, he spends time in a mental institution and works a succession of odd jobs. Despite his marriage to an adult woman, which eventually fails, Humbert remains obsessed with sexually desirable and sexually aware young girls. These nymphets, as he calls them, remind him of Annabel, though he fails to find another like her. Eventually, Humbert comes to the United States and takes a room in the house of widow Charlotte Haze in a sleepy, suburban New England town. He becomes instantly infatuated with her twelve-year-old daughter Dolores, also known as Lolita. Humbert follows Lolita’s moves constantly, occasionally flirts with her, and confides his pedophiliac longings to a journal. Meanwhile, Charlotte Haze, whom Humbert loathes, has fallen in love with him. When Charlotte sends Lolita off to summer camp, Humbert marries Charlotte in order to stay near his true love. Humbert wants to be alone with Lolita and even toys with the idea of killing Charlotte, but he can’t go through with it. However, Charlotte finds his diary and, after learning that he hates her but loves her daughter, confronts him. Humbert denies everything, but Charlotte tells him she is leaving him and storms out of the house. At that moment, a car hits her and she dies instantly.

Humbert goes to the summer camp and picks up Lolita. Only when they arrive at a motel does he tell her that Charlotte has died. In his account of events, Humbert claims that Lolita seduces him, rather than the other way around. The two drive across the country for nearly a year, during which time Humbert becomes increasingly obsessed with Lolita and she learns to manipulate him. When she engages in tantrums or refuses his advances, Humbert threatens to put her in an orphanage. At the same time, a strange man seems to take an interest in Humbert and Lolita and appears to be following them in their travels.

Humbert eventually gets a job at Beardsley College somewhere in the Northeast, and Lolita enrolls in school. Her wish to socialize with boys her own age causes a strain in their relationship, and Humbert becomes more restrictive in his rules. Nonetheless, he allows her to appear in a school play. Lolita begins to behave secretively around Humbert, and he accuses her of being unfaithful and takes her away on another road trip. On the road, Humbert suspects that they are being followed. Lolita doesn’t notice anything, and Humbert accuses her of conspiring with their stalker.

Lolita becomes ill, and Humbert must take her to the hospital. However, when Humbert returns to get her, the nurses tell him that her uncle has already picked her up. Humbert flies into a rage, but then he calms himself and leaves the hospital, heartbroken and angry.

For the next two years, Humbert searches for Lolita, unearthing clues about her kidnapper in order to exact his revenge. He halfheartedly takes up with a woman named Rita, but then he receives a note from Lolita, now married and pregnant, asking for money. Assuming that Lolita has married the man who had followed them on their travels, Humbert becomes determined to kill him. He finds Lolita, poor and pregnant at seventeen. Humbert realizes that Lolita’s husband is not the man who kidnapped her from the hospital. When pressed, Lolita admits that Clare Quilty, a playwright whose presence has been felt from the beginning of the book, had taken her from the hospital. Lolita loved Quilty, but he kicked her out when she refused to participate in a child pornography orgy. Still devoted to Lolita, Humbert begs her to return to him. Lolita gently refuses. Humbert gives her 4,000 dollars and then departs. He tracks down Quilty at his house and shoots him multiple times, killing him. Humbert is arrested and put in jail, where he continues to write his memoir, stipulating that it can only be published upon Lolita’s death. After Lolita dies in childbirth, Humbert dies of heart failure, and the manuscript is sent to John Ray, Jr., Ph.D.”


  • PLL Characters as Lolita Characters
  • 1.Humbert- Mr. Cavanaugh
  • 2.Lolita- Bethany
  • 3. Charlotte Humbert- Jenna’s mother
  • 4. Rita- Mrs. Dilaurentis
  • 5. Quilty- Wilden
  • Marlene on Big Bad: “This big bad has an agenda, and it’s to find out why this person passes away- and to seek revenge on the person responsible. And it will not stop until that person pays, and will kill people to get that answer.” 
  • In another interview Marlene says “It is definitely brand new, but there’s some connection to the past. Not a mystery from the past but a connection to the past.”
  • Spoiler: Sasha has confirmed that the new tormenter is not a character we have met!!
  • Pretty Little Liars tweeted on November  4, 2015 @ 3:47PM: “There is no twin. Mar said there would only be a secret sibling…. Which was Charles/CeCe. OR is this the only secret sibling?

Given this information, I am going to start my theory! Please bear with me I’ve never once posted a long drawn out theory, but I believe I truly have something here 

  • The book “Lolita” has been shown in Pretty Little Liars WAY too many times to be unnoticed, yet no one has said anything about it! I believe Marlene’s “ending” of Pretty Little Liars will be based off this book and here is why…
  • The Cavanaugh family is the family we know the least about. Based on what Marlene has talked about, this would be the perfect family to get to know. Aside from that fact, the Cavanaugh family is the only family that contains step-parents and step-siblings. Lolita is based off of the relationship of a Step-father and Step-daughter.
  • We know very minimal about Mr. Cavanagh. Toby barely talks about him with the exception of mentioning a couple of times here and there. He mentioned that he wanted to get away from his “screwed up family” in episode 3×05 “That Girl is Posion” when Jenna threw a party aka her “Bitch can see” party. The biggest clue is how in 4×16 “Close Encounter” when Peter Hastings was going to shut Radley down but for some reason decided against it. (Most likely because he knows that Melissa is the one that was linked to Bethany’s death and an investigation would not only be open for Marion’s death, but for Bethany’s as well). A settlement is issued instead, and in the agreement Toby or Mr. Cavanaugh are not allowed to  talk about what happened to Mrs. Cavanaugh again, or they will have to give all the money they earned from the settlement back. MAJOR CLUE! This could be how the dollhouse was built and paid for!  Further along in the episode Spencer found out that Mrs. DiLaurentis was on the board at Radley. This could be who she couldn’t help anymore in the email she started sending out before she was killed and buried! Afterwards, we find out that Toby and his father MR. CAVANAUGH decided to move on from his mother’s death. Apparently it was that easy :/
  • In this theory, Bethany is LOLITA. I believe that Bethany is a part of the Cavanaugh family because in 2×13 “The First Secret” when Toby is moving into Emily’s neighborhood there is a box in the moving truck that has BOTH Jenna and Bethany’s name written on it. (Clues are in pictures posted). We’ve heard Bethany on tapes being completely bratty and compulsive, just like the character Lolita in the book. In 5×08 “Scream for Me” Spencer and Emily go to the stalls and learn from an instructor named Declan that Mrs. Dilaurentis had taken Bethany to the stalls and she had thrown a bucket at her after being told to call her Aunt Jesse. In 6×11 Bethany pushes Mrs. Cavanaugh off the balcony at Radley, after an argument that we could not here. We were made to think that Bethany pushed Mrs. Cavanaugh so she wouldn’t find out about Charles, but because we could not hear the conversation I’m going to totally disagree x100!!!! In the book, Lolita doesn’t kill anybody, but this is Pretty Little Liars where these things happen lol.  
  • As for Charlotte Humbert (they ironically used Charlotte as CeCe’s character) I would assume that she is supposed to be Jenna’s mother, being that she is the step-mother. We know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about Jenna’s mother so it’s hard to elaborate on her. The only thing I can assume is that she had two daughters by two different men, which is the reason that Jenna and Bethany do not have the same last name. It is hard to believe that Jenna would not bring up that Bethany is her sister, but at the same time Jenna had been through so much that if she was told to keep her mouth shut, she would. In Rosewood, anything not perfect is frowned upon, so it would not be rational to go around telling people that you have a sister in Radley.  It is also possible that Jenna has no idea that Mr. Cavanaugh and Bethany are having an affair. For this theory I don’t know if Toby would have any idea about Bethany, especially if she has been institutionalized for a long period of time. If he did, I am sure he would not want to address the situation either especially since he was frowned upon for “The Jenna Thing.” Mr. Cavanaugh and Jenna’s mother had married and moved in one year and one week after Mrs. Cavanaugh’s death. This does not mean that Mr. Cavanaugh did not know Bethany. He most likely met her in Radley whilst visiting Mrs. Cavanaugh.  This could be the reason he was attracted to Jenna’s mother like in the book. We also do not know Mr. Cavanaugh’s profession. For all we know he could work at Radley, be a counselor, or like Humbert, have been institutionalized, in this case at Radley where he met and fell in love with Bethany. In the case of Pretty Little Liars, I believe that Mr. Cavanaugh most likely met Bethany at Radley whilst visiting his sick wife.
  • In the book Lolita, Charlotte goes into frenzy when she finds out about Humbert’s hatred for her and love for her daughter Lolita. She gets hit by a car after reading his diary. I would like to point out that something triggered Mrs. Cavanaugh to go crazy. Maybe she had learned about Mr. Cavanaugh’s obsession with either nymphets, and this drove her into a mental breakdown.
  • Rita was an alcoholic in the book that Humbert “halfheartedly” begins a relationship with. I will assume in this case that Rita is Jessica Dilaurentis. Like I mentioned above this could be who she couldn’t help anymore so he killed and buried her. (Be careful who you share tea with :/). After Mrs. Dilaurentis found out that Alison was alive, she started sending the email. Maybe she was off to confront Mr. Cavanaugh face to face about Bethany passing away, being that she was walking in the backyard and his family lives literally around the corner from her house. If she was helping him, I assume that it was her status at Radley that helped him. He probably met Mrs. D at Radley as well, and them both going through the disappearances of their daughters is what brought them close. Mrs. D was most likely helping him track down where his daughter was, and what happend that night she disappeared. (Because CeCe was involved, she could have also been trying to make sure Charlotte’s name was never brought up as well.)Once she realized that Alison was alive, she could have assumed that CeCe may have been the one that killed Bethany, and that’s when she decided not to help Mr. Cavanaugh anymore, because everything would lead back to Charlotte. Mr. Cavanaugh could have knew the secret about Charlotte already because of Bethany, (I assume) and he could have killed Mrs. Dilaurentis, because he assumed that Charlotte was the one that killed Bethany. This is why Charlotte’s story was so fuzzy, because she wasn’t the one pulling the strings. She was manipulated into it! Charlotte was most likely clueless about what was going on between Bethany/Mrs. D, and Mr. Cavanaugh. This could be why Bethany planned on killing Mrs. Dilaurentis after finding out about her and Mr. Cavanaugh’s affair.  I am sure he had her fooled into thinking that he was her caring stepfather, when actually they were in a relationship.
  • Clare Quilty- In this theory Quilty would be bae, aka Wilden !! This would make him HEAD OF THE N.A.T CLUB, which solves that mystery!! In the book Quilty had a secret pornographic business going on with small children. We know that Wilden had quite a nice pornography collection going on himself. In 4×07, “Crash and Burn Girl” Aria, Spencer and Emily break into Wilden’s house in order to clear Ashley Marin’s name and there they find out that he was very much into pornography! Wilden’s character reflecting Clare Quilty, can very well be a good reason why Marlene changed his age from a party boy who graduated in 1996, to a guy who attended high school with Melissa. Wilden could have been the one spying on the girls when they were having a slumber party for his video. It could have ALSO been Mr. Cavanaugh, because Alison was so sure that it was Toby. In the Wiki article under Daniel Cavanaugh it says that Mr. Cavanaugh is thought to have an appearance similar to Toby’s.  If it was him, he could have been satisfying his urges for young girls. YUCK!! Marlene needed Wilden to be her Quilty, rather than her Humbert. This would also mean that he is dead and not coming back which makes me want to shed crocodile tears. (NOT BAE 🙁 ).


  • As for Maya, she more than likely is the one coming back in 6×19 “Did You Miss Me?” MAYA KNEW! She found out everything somehow and hopefully got the hell out of dodge!! I would LOVE for Maya to come back and let us know what she happened!! But I sure am going to miss bae 🙁 (Wilden)
  • In regards to Jenna, not too many people have said that the games started when she moved in with the Cavanaugh’s. This reason would give Mr. Cavanaugh motive, because he fell in love with Bethany.
  • Melissa was involved in the N.A.T in some way, and if not she DEFINITELY knew about it! I believe that Bethany was somehow involved with pornography at one point and time, and Wilden could have been involved in filming her. As a teenager Bethany and Wilden could have had relations, (which is another reason Marlene would have lowered his age) and she could have starred in his pornography.At this time, she could have stopped seeing Mr. Cavanaugh altogether which ticked him off. I believe Melissa knew all these things. She may have been the one to introduce Bethany to the videos. Jason once said that the guys often had girls set their friends up. This is why I believe Jenna and Shana were scared of Melissa. She could throw out some pretty harsh family secrets. This is why I believe Melissa was really trying to protect Spencer. She knew everything. This is also why she stayed away so much.
  • Remember when Mrs. Grunswald said that one of the Liars had been “touched by the one Alison fears the most”… A lot of people including me really felt like she was talking about Aria and Ezra, because the focus of the camera lingered on Aria and that episode, a HUGE suspicion was casted upon Ezra. 4×13. Well, in the episode “The First Secret” 2×13, as Hanna and Aria were walking through the woods, a person in a mask popped out and scared them, and when he did, he touched Aria. Could he be the one that Alison fears the most? Could that have been Mr. Cavanaugh?
  • Sara Harvey is most likely connected through the NAT club. She could have been one of the stars in the pornos. She could have also been kidnapped by Mr. Cavanaugh as a nymphet. Maybe, the leerie house shown in “The First Secret” that Aria had a bad feeling about was the house that things went on with Mr. Cavanaugh and nymphettes?
  • At the dollhouse, Spencer said that the prom Charles seemed “familiar.” If it was truly Mr. Cavanaugh he could seem familiar because of her relations with Toby. Mr. Cavanaugh could have held that particular prom in relations to Wilden. Maybe this is the year that Bethany started starring in Wilden’s pornography.
  • Mona is more than likely a puppet!!

I hoped you All have enjoyed!!!!

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