Guest Theory by Emma Laing: Is C Cavanaugh, Charles Cavanaugh?

charles cavanaugh

I don’t know if it has been mentioned before or it just seems too over thought but here it is.

I re-watched pretty little liars and I got to season 4 episode 18, it’s the episode when the liars realised they had to get the dentist files, and if they got the file they would more likely get the name of who A is.

Hanna managed to get the file but she got sedated and treated by A and A put the note in Hanna’s teeth and took the file, and at the very end of the episode it shows A shredding the paper so I paused it and seen this.

charles cavanaugh

It says C Cavanaugh which made me think, what if Charles isn’t Charles DiLaurentis but instead Charles Cavanaugh and that Jason remembers him not as an imaginary friend as he was told to believe but in fact was his brother but the Cavanaugh’s adopted him or maybe he was a always a Cavanaugh and was adopted by the DiLaurentis family!

I may just be thinking too much into it but it really did make me think…

  • Jessica

    Finally someone else saw this! I’ve noticed that at the beginning of this season when I also re watched and thought that for sure that meant Charles Cavanaugh!!

  • Amanda Norris

    Wasn’t there also another signature on a sign in sheet that was signed C Cavanaugh when the girls went to Philly and went to the school for the blind, visiting Jenna?

  • Delphine Lang

    I already find it suspect, but Marlene said we saw him or her yet.Or Charles Cavanaugh is the child of Miss Cavanaugh and Aria’s Uncle and he was in the barn with Jenna when the fire start that night! He took Mona and Cece for distraction and manipul√Ętes everyone because too muche people knows about A. And he offers a way out to Aria because she’s a part of his family!