Guest Theory by Sophie Revell: PLL Season 6 Hints and Clues?

Micro chip pll

Below are just a few things we’ve noticed from season 6 and ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’.

Changes to the girls’ rooms

There are a number of subtle differences between the girls’ actual rooms and their rooms in the dollhouse. For example, the hanging ‘S’ in Spencer’s room becomes an ‘A’, and the Eiffel Tower poster in Hanna’s room becomes the Leaning Tower of Pisa. There may be a parallel here with the changes A / Ezra made to Alison’s diary in ‘Shadow Play’; it is emphasised that the clues lie in the subtle changes that have been made to the pages, for example where ‘Ambrose Pavilion’ became ‘ Ambrose Pearson’. Do these changes hold the key to uncovering Charles’ identity?

Spencer room

Hanna room

Sidenote: we’ve always thought that the Eiffel Tower poster has looked a bit ‘Black Veil-esque’, and it seems strange that this is the only thing Hanna chooses to keep when she returns from the dollhouse.

Why is Aria sorry?

In ‘Songs of Innocence’, Aria tells Spencer that she’s “sorry”. We know that the girls all think they hurt each other in the “game with switches”, but is Aria apologising for something else? Later, in ‘Don’t Look Now’, it is revealed that Spencer wakes up in the dollhouse to find herself covered in blood with no memory of what has happened. Could Aria have been involved somehow? If not, why did she only apologise to Spencer and not Emily and Hanna?

Aria and Spencer

Has A / Charles micro-chipped the girls?

At the end of ‘Don’t Look Now’, we see A in front of his monitors, tracking each girl’s location. Aria, Hanna and Spencer are all shown to be at home, but Emily is elsewhere (with Sara). Earlier in the episode, Caleb admits that he has put a tracker on Hanna’s car, which may lead us to assume A has done the same. What if A has gone a step further and micro-chipped the girls themselves? In the dollhouse, the girls wake up naked in a ‘morgue’ without any recollection of what’s happened to them. Spencer suggests that A photographed their ‘dead’ bodies to send a message to their families, but there’s no suggestion this ever actually happened. The surgical set-up is shown for a reason – A must have done something. Emily was seen walking with Sara, not driving, so how is A tracking her movements?

Micro chip theory

Possible Toby / Sara connection?

In ‘Songs of Experience’ we see Toby wearing a checked shirt watching Alison and Lorenzo out of the cafe window. In the next scene Sara is trying on old clothes of Emily’s, and a lot of emphasis is given to a checked shirt that she puts on and gazes at in the mirror. The next scene again jumps to Toby in the checked shirt. Is this a possible twin / connection hint?

Toby and Sara

Thanks for reading! Let us know your thoughts.

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  • haleigh

    The checked shirt is also seen on the little boy mannequin in many posts so maybe Toby has a sister we don’t know about. Maybe Bethany?

    • Angela Ahrns

      toby and jenna know bethany. go back to season 1 when toby is unloading the truck moving them in. the box says jenna’s room on one side and bethany on the other.

      • Andrea

        What episode?

  • Gizem Yali

    I think Toby knows Charles. When Marion was in Radley Toby visited her multiple times and since Toby is one or two years older than the girls, it is possible that he met little Charles in Radley.