Guest Theory by Teresa: Ashley Marin and Charles Theory

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She had a baby with Peter Hastings before she was married to Hanna’s dad. Ashley knew that Peter already had another son named Jason with Mrs. DiLaurentis, so she decided to give the baby up for adoption to the DiLaurentis family. His name was Charles and he was a year or so younger than Jason.

As Charles went from a toddler into small boyhood, signs of him having a problem with gender issues surfaced; he liked to play with dolls and girl’s clothes. Mr. DiLaurentis did not like that at all; however, Mrs. DiLaurentis was willing to tolerate it behind her husband’s back. This is why Alison found two dresses…one was for her and one was for Charles. However, Mrs. DiLaurentis did not want her husband to find out because she knew he would be very angry. So, she told Alison to say she only saw one dress giving reason for her saying “We don’t want daddy to leave us.” She knew her husband would leave if he discovered she was tolerating this behavior in Charles.

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As the boys grew, Jason began to see that his brother was gender disassociated and he too became angry. In a hasty moment, Jason killed Charles while he was playing with his dolls. This is where the story of the two twin girls come in…….Alison must have heard the story along the way and thought it was about two girls since dolls were involved. To the mind of a young child, it would seem logical that it was two girls.

Mr. and Mrs. DiLaurentis either buried Charles’ body or they staged a random kidnapping or murder of the young boy. They had already lost one son, and they did not want to lose the other which was Jason. Everything was supposedly forgotten except one BIG detail……Ashley.

Ashley had followed her son’s life and was aware that he had been either murdered or kidnapped, which prompted her to discover that is was Jason who did and the parents had covered it up. However, by this time she was married to Hanna’s dad and had Hanna; so she could not afford to tell anything.

Over the years, Ashley held all this inside eating away at her life until she started taking on the role and personality of her son Charles. When Ashley becomes Charles she actually has no idea what she is doing as Ashley. She decides to get revenge on the DiLaurentis family so she goes after Alison because she is sure that Alison must know something or have the memory locked away in her mind from childhood.

During these deranged moments that Ashley becomes Charles, she has not thought that she is also hurting Hanna. All she has in her mind is her little son Charles.

When “A” planned the prom on the finale, she was actually focusing on the prom that her son Charles missed out on; highlighting Alison because she hopes this will trigger a memory of Charles. However, it is Spencer who is triggered into remembering the boy as she watched the home movie of him. Remember, Spencer’s parents said they used to take the girls to the apple orchard to pick apples. Spencer remembered the little boy named Charles that she had forgotten about all these years. Perhaps, she ever knew what happened to him, just that he has gone one day. And as kids will often do, she never gave it any thought……until now that she sees the movie. So Spencer thinks this is the actual boy Charles behind the mask.

Charles is A

Now back to Ashley……let’s remember that she went to a meeting in New York in an early episode and if my memory recalls right, she finally told Hanna that she had not attended that meeting, but instead gone to see “A night at the Opera.” Or at least, it was a show that had something to do with the opera.

Ashley has more than once stated that’s he has made bad decision in her life. She is very adamant about keeping up appearances in the public eyes. She seems to be the perfect mother to Hanna, but is she actually manipulating Hanna? She set up the blood drive and insisted that the girls give blood right before the blood ended up in the hands of “A” to put on Mona’s clothes.

Also remember the fact that she worked in a bank. Mona described the vault at the end of the doll house hallway as a bank vault. Also, the alarms going off in the doll house are bank alarms. Who else would have access to these things?

Weldon had something more than just the fact that Hanna stole sunglasses to make Ashley sleep with him. He obviously had some kind of blackmail scheme going on the night that she hit him with the car. No one does that just to keep a secret of stolen sunglasses.

Oh! And let’s not forget how easy it was for her to get away with stealing Mrs. Potter’s money from the bank. We all remember that one.

Other facts……Mona calls Ashley “Mrs. M” and let’s not forget that Mona saw “A” at Radley when “A” came to see her. She evens aid to “A” “I did everything you asked.”

Remember how Ashley acted when Hanna was applying for the beauty pageant…..and someone set it up to look like Hanna’s step sister had entered the contest. When Hanna finally gave up and came home that night, the doting mother had just one thing to say to her heartbroken daughter which was “I’m going to take a shower.” Hmmmmmm! Not very comforting words for a dotting mother to say.

Also……think about her sleeping with Jason. It was clear that she did that for a reason. Perhaps, she knew that Jason’s testimony would not hold up in court if he was exposed as having spent private time with Ashley. And……someone had to tell the prosecutor about that affair.

I think Ashley is “A” and I think she is taking on the personality of hers on Charles in order to keep him alive as well as to get revenge for his death.

Marlene has said that the story will be heartbreaking and we will have sympathy for “A.” How much more heart breaking can it be than for it to be something of this nature?

Also……Ashley has always been listed as a main character of the show. Why is she more important than the other parents? Also……Ashley was listed in the finale cast credits. However, she never appeared in the show as Ashley.

There a numerous other things that have lead me to think “A” is Ashley, but I will stop here. Most people want “A” to be one of the guys. But……I don’t think it is.