Guest Theory by Tyra: Jenna is A Theory

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After re watching all five seasons, especially the first three seasons, I have come up with the theory, which I strongly stand by,

Lets first get to know a bit about Jenna:

In October 2008, Jenna moved to Rosewood after her mother married Toby’s father. She already knew who Alison was. She quickly became popular at Rosewood High School. Alison invited her to join her group of friends but she declined. This led to a long-term rivalry between the two. Jenna is a very aggressive and manipulative person.

She forced her stepbrother, Toby, into a sexual relationship with her and threatened to accuse him of forcing himself on her.

Alison and the Liars blinded Jenna by throwing a so-called ‘smoke bomb’ into the shed she was inside. Alison blackmailed Toby with the N.A.T videos to take the blame.

Jenna seems to have been involved with the N.A.T. Club before Alison went missing.

Jenna was present the night Alison went missing.

Jenna got eye surgery on ONE of her eyes in season two and was fully able to see throughout the third season (yet kept it a secret from everyone). However, her eyesight started to diminish in season four.

Jenna dated Garret Reynolds and Noel Kahn and Shana Fring, flirted/ nearly dated Nate St Germain and was seen with Nigel Wright.

She hired Caleb Rivers to steal computer files of Hanna and Sydney Driscoll to spy on Emily.

Now lets break this down…


When Jenna first moved to Rosewood, she already knew who Alison was. This was made clear on their first encounter whilst buying Halloween costumes for Noel Kahn’s party. Jenna had moved to Rosewood that very day, meaning that either Alison was mentioned and physically described to the last detail in her short time of being there, or Jenna knew of Alison before she moved to Rosewood. As seen in the whole series through Cece, Shana, Sydney, Leslie and Nate, every one who have arrived to Rosewood has a secret agenda. This makes me believe that Jenna has a secret of her own, connecting her to Alison. Alison also received a text from A after Jenna left.

jenna pll

In this prequel episode, ‘The First Secret’ Alison and Jenna both pick the same ‘Lady G’ costume, Jenna’s being red and Alison’s being black (is this a clue to Red Coat and A?).

Ali admires her bold move as earlier that day Ali stated that she Jenna had to change her costume. Ali than asked Jenna to join her friends to gain instant popularity, yet Jenna replied, ‘I like to pick my own friends’. Jenna was then seen speaking to Mona, who was the ‘The First A’ (yet i believe she was answering to someone all along). Alison then proceeded to call Jenna a ‘slut’, this is when the long term rivalry first started.

jenna pll


Jenna forced her step-brother, Toby, into a sexual relationship with her – this shows Jenna to be a manipulative and aggressive who always gets her own way, which resembles Alison (this can also be connected with the choice of costume above) . This made me question maybe because they are more connected than you think, maybe related (for more information please read my ‘Charles DiLaurentis or Rachel S DiLaurentis?’ post) ?

She threatened Toby, saying if he told, she would tell everyone he forced himself on her- this shows that she is also deceitful and doesn’t mind lying or ‘ruining people’ to get her own way.


Alison and the LIars blinded Jenna after they threw a so-called ‘smoke bomb’ into the shed she was inside. This gave Jenna a motive, and more of a reason to despise Alison and her ‘posse’. The accident was also beneficial to Jenna as the blindness and the appearance of trauma gave her a new innocent victim look, as well as a dark secret for the girls to keep; both of these she can use to her advantage.

Alison blackmailed Toby to take the blame meaning that Alison not only took away Jenna sight that night, she took away her ‘love’ as well as abuse victim. This would of left Jenna with a lot of anger, which she couldn’t release on Toby through sexual abuse. Personally, I think she needed new people to manipulate – cycling into a darker A.


N.A.T videos- Alison used the N.A.T video of Jenna abusing Toby to blackmail Toby to take the blame for Jenna’s blinding. However, this has me thinking. Alison viewed the videos and misunderstood them for Toby abusing Jenna instead of vise versa, meaning they had to be shot in a certain way and at a certain time – just like it was framed. This brings me to my next point

N.A.T club- Jenna was part of the N.A.T club, despite not being officially ‘enrolled’ so she had access to all of the videos through boyfriend Garret and friends Ian and Jason. This means, that she had access to peoples secrets as well as the video of Ian on the night of Alison’s disappearance – which drove to his murder and fake confession. Jenna and Garret also tried to frame Jason for Alison’s murder, and there is a lot of parallels in Pretty Little Lairs.

Her involvement in the N.A.T club also puts her in Alison’s room / backyard on the night of her disappearance.


Jenna was declared blind in the first episode but many clues and hints suggested she was never visually impaired as she seemed. For example, in the first season she was seen applying lipstick in an elevator whilst looking in the reflective mirror. In season two, she only ever had corrective eye surgery on ONE of her eyes, which she lies is unsuccessful until season three. This proves that she can fake being completely bind. The only reason the Lairs found out that her vision was magically repaired is because Emily remembered her driving the night Alison’s grave was dug up. She also wears a pirate costume on another Halloween special with a eye patch covering her eye which may be a hint to her being able to see through at least one of her eyes.

jenna pll


Jenna also has a very strange taste in romantic partners.

Garret Reynolds- She first started dating Garret Reynolds in secret, despite Jenna ‘thinking’ he killed Alison (however, if she was never blind or regained her sight, this can be disproved). Garret was a police officer, who only became a police officer to have an inside look on the Alison case. Him being a police officer also gave Jenna the access to files and information e.g. the page five. Garret was also a member of the N.A.T cub, which also gave Jenna access to files and information. A question I ask myself also is, if Garret was in the N.A.T club, he would have seen the videos of Jenna and Toby? Why does he still date this bitch? Jenna ended up getting bored of Garret and started to ‘freeze him out’. Jenna also essentially helped the police build a case against Garret, and he later got arrested for killing Alison.

I believe that she dated Garret for her access to files and information on both the case and the girls, which would help her become all knowing.

Noel Kahn- Jenna dated Noel Kahn after Mona, which led Mona to have deep envy at her. Jenna dates Noel in season three, when her eyesight has returned. We later find out that Noel knows Alison is alive, and has done for a long time, this can prove that Jenna knew of Alison’s where about. Noel is also connected to Maya and her ‘murder’.

Dating Noel Kahn gave Jenna connections to Alison, Maya and Mona.

Shana Fring- Jenna dated Shana after Alison sent Shana to spy on Jenna, incase she was trying to harm Alison. However, Shana fell for Jenna and they ended up dating. Shana then turned on Alison, and tried to kill Alison and the lairs. Aria ended up killing Shana believing she was A and for self-defense. After Shana died, Jenna never really reacted or drowned in despair despite Shana saying that they both loved each other equally, when we has threatening to kill her childhood friend, Alison, for payback for all she did to Jenna.

I believe that Jenna dated Shana to manipulate her to get to Alison. Jenna knew all along that Shana knew Alison, and knew her agenda, yet she played along enough to convince Shana to fall hopelessly in love with her. Jenna always got her own way remember, so she turned Shana on Alison hoping she would finish her off.

Nate St. Germain- Maya’s stalker, that people presumed killed her.

Nigel Wright- If you don’t know who Nigel Wright is – he is the pilot who sent the plane out THE NIGHT OF THE LODGE FIRE. It was his lighter, which set the lodge of fire, and he lied to Calab and Toby about who told him to fake the flight plan (he said it was CeCe Drake). Later in this episode, he’s with a female telling her he did everything she asked and calls her babe, Jenna is later seen with Nigel Wright.

Other points

Jenna is present the night of Alison’s disappearance and also the night her grave was dug up.

The night the grave was dug up she was wearing both black gloves and a red coat

A also has a blond wig seen in A’s lair

A’s lair also has photos of Alison, all of which her eyes are scratched out

Jenna is parallel to Alison

Jenna could have has something to do with Toby’s mothers ‘suicide’ as she wouldn’t of come to Rosewood if his mother didn’t pass

Jenna doesn’t have any interaction with Mrs or Mr DiLaurentis

Mrs DiLaurentis is protecting a female girl who is alive, there for this can’t be Bethany as she is in Alison’s grave

Jenna also returns every episode when A does

Jenna leaves town every time something major happens

Jenna and Shana both move Wilden’s body

Jenna went to Cape May where Alison and Cece spent their summer with Wilden

During UnmAsked, when A was revealed as Mona, Jenna also takes off a mask

She picked up Meredith’s earring, and seemed to know what it was

Jenna meets with another A team member at a park and gives a something to him/her and says “I’ve thought about this moment so many times, wondering what I would say to you if I saw you again. They’re all going to be at the party. You know what you need to do”

Jenna could of spent a year as Sara Harvey and the additional year in the school for blind.

Jenna, Alison and Sara Harvey are all described as similar people

Jenna and Alison have different accounts of there interaction on the day Alison went missing. Jenna said that Alison apologized for blinding her and that she was ‘done’ with the girls. This is why Jenna attended her funeral and spoke at her memorial. Alison said that she got in a fight with Jenna and Alison accused her of being A, leading Alison to say,’ if you ever come back to Rosewood, ill bury you’, I am uncertain on who is lying at this point

Jenna knew Alison was alive

Why aren’t Jenna’s parents mentioned? Would it reveal too much?

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