Guest Theory by Dana: Jason = A = connected to Charles

Jason pll

Looking back to 1×8 “Please do talk about me when I’m gone” – Jason is very excited to see the girls – he says to them in Spencer’s kitchen “Mom, Dad and I are so thankful…” – as if he is speaking to one of his sisters about their parents – he doesn’t say “MY mom, dad and I”….. He says he remembers the girls laughing, keeping secrets, etc. seems resentful over this.

Jason pll

Jason speaks with Jenna about Ali’s memorial service and seems to be in cahoots with her and the girls pick up on this – like – why is he speaking with her?

jenna pll

There is a Tom Sawyer reference in this episode – going along with literary theme – classic works – To Kill a Mockingbird – Tom Sawyer has to do with faking death or something – not quite sure – also this episode shows library – When Jason goes to police- he tells them not to dig up too much dirt – what is he afraid they will find? Skeletons in closet?

Also – side note – there was a picture of three skeletons in A’s lair in season 5 finale…. Jenna says to Spencer in library “Does Jason look the same? I got the impression he was different – he sounds different” Spencer says “Yeah – he’s…polished” Jenna then goes on to say “When I was talking to him I got this strange sensation like Ali was in the room with me” What the what!?! That to me is a huge clue.

Marlene King mentions to us a few days ago that A has a had a strong physical and mental way about him from the beginning….well yes Jason is buff – but also note his personality – when he speaks of the Rosewood High principal – he says “he needs to know who is in charge” – well if you think you are more in charge than the principal of a school – well alrighty then – that’s being quite big headed – and standing your ground – huh?

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Also – Jason is seen with what I believe to be a bottle of scotch with a glass poured out – while in Spencer’s living room. He is right handed – and wears his watch on his left hand. He says “like most bullies – easy to shake up” – how would he know about shaking up bullies? By sending them creepy A texts and watching them squirm perhaps? Hmmmm…

Spencer says at the memorial – Just like people will always see you as Ali’s brother – to which he replies – if that’s how people will see us – as if he isn’t too keen on being known as Ali’s brother – he’d rather be someone else. Spencer then goes on to say to Jason “You’re just like Alison, aren’t you?” To which he replies – In some ways – even worse!” What the deuce!?! HELLO?!!!!

During the ceremony for Ali – Hanna says “strangers pretty much see you the way you want them to see you” (camera pans to Jason)…”but you can’t fool friends” – Wilden and the cop who shows up in later episodes were all friends with Jason in high school – they know something is up with Jason and that is why they all wind up being dragged into mess…with not so good turn outs…. they even had a club back in high school didn’t they – noted in the yearbook???

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Spencer looks extremely uneasy when Jason walks away from the kitchen near the end of this episode – as if she has put together some clues early on as well but doesn’t reveal them to anyone…..she is maybe building up her own case….

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