Guest Theory by Dani: Black Veil theory

ashley marin

Think about it we’ve never seen whoever it is try to hurt the girls they’ve never even interacted with each other plus we saw whoever it is with a burnt Ali mask right after the lodge fire I think it’s Ms Marin because she probably loves each girl in a different way for a different reason and that’s enough to to make her want to save them all and the reason she didn’t go back for Hanna is because she knew if she did she probably would’ve died or got seriously hurt and she didn’t want to put Hanna through that and if Hanna is super smart then that means Ashley would have to be just as smart or smarter what if she’s the ultimate double crosser of A and makes A think she’s working for them when in reality she’s protecting the girls.

I question Ali on a daily basis because of quotes like “I really should do something about ‘A’. That bitch is genuinely getting on my nerves.” And “that bitch think this is what you want to be completely free of A” they contradict each other one is saying she wants to get rid of A but the other is saying she wants A to be around forever basically she also could have gotten out of going to jail by simply telling the police where she was when mona was murdered but no that would be too easy she hasn’t changed I think this nice girl act is just that an act we saw her threatening Mona.

I don’t buy the nice girl act that Ali is doing right now because no one goes from being an alpha bitch to being a saint who can do no wrong we saw Ali being her old self threatening Mona and some comments she made to Hanna in early season 5 episodes like what Hanna said Mona used to say “When someone shows you who they are, believe them” in my opinion mean girls stay mean some people don’t change no mater how hard they try.


Ok so I know that’s not how they spell Varjak on the show but there is actually no C in it when you look up Breakfast at Tiffany’s so I looked it up hoping to find something and I might have there’s something called the Varjak effect and it’s basically when a character goes from not likeable to likeable and it only applies to guys so I’m assuming if Varjak is A that its someone we started out not liking but over the years we grew to love him so who is it Ezra? Wren? Jason? Toby?

Other theories

If Ian admitted to a crime he did commit and was never actually committed should the police be a little worried as to why he confessed to it if it never happened shouldn’t the police be investigating his “suicide”?

He said he committed it to cover for Melissa because she thought she killed Ali who turned out to be Bethany they were married for an alibi not love.

Remember how Keegan Allen said the A reveal will be heartbreakingly beautiful what if it’s more so for the audience then the liars if that’s the case I’m thinking it might be Ezra because everyone would still be upset and hurt about Ezria breaking up and that’s what makes it heartbreakingly beautiful.

Sometimes I wonder if A was just a game started by Ali or Mona to get attention but then Uber A took it over and was actually serious about it because Marlene always says A stole the game from Mona I also wonder if Mona always knew there was a Big/Uber A because I remember that Mona said “I wanted to make you stronger” or something like that to the girls and to me that seems like she might’ve known that there was a worse A that would surface eventually.

We haven’t seen anything of what happened after the girls all woke up in the barn “that night” what if they went looking for Alison and all went out looking for her separately. Maybe each one saw or experienced something different that if put together would solve things but they don’t remember because they were drugged and had alcohol in their system that’s the missing piece of what happened and if they could just remember that would explain why Ali said “you already do the four of you combined remember more than you think you do” to Hanna. Maybe just maybe the girls not remembering somehow works in to why A is A.

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    I love the idea of the Varjak effect! I’m thinking Toby would be most related to this. Don’t forget to leave your Twitter username so I can link it to your theory 🙂

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      Sheslikeohmygod is my Twitter

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    Those suspects of varjak is not right