Guest Theory by Kerry: It all fits…

bethany face

Marion and Jessica are twins or sisters and their maiden name is Campbell. That’s why they were at the farm. Marion and Kenneth had Charles and Bethany together.

Charles pll

Jessica was holding Bethany and Charles kissed her in the video. Hence why she wants her to call her aunt Jessie.

Jessica had Jason with Peter so the other boy was Jason or possibly Andrew because he is their cousin.

Toby is their half brother who came later. Kenneth and Jessica then got together and had Alison around the same time Marion moved on and had Toby. Kenneth is the reason Jessica and Marion don’t talk anymore because he cheated or left Marion for Jessica. I think Cece could be the friend that Bethany stabbed and that’s why she is in Radley. Cece knows everything but can’t tell anyone because she pushed Marion and maybe Jessica knows.

Cece is the blonde girl Marion needed to stay away from and Jessica doesn’t like her because she knows I don’t know why she would protect her though…. Anyway Charles ran away when Kenneth and Marion broke up and Bethany went to Radley. I think Bethany was there when the Jenna thing happened because she was watching her half brother Toby and got burnt that’s why we haven’t seen her face and why she has a burnt face in the drawings.

bethany face

If Cece pushed Marion then I think Bethany thinks it was Ali because Cece goes to Radley pretending to be Ali and they look similar. So that is why Cece knows everything and seems suspicious even though she is actually trying to help Ali but can’t tell her everything because of the things she has done (Marion) Jess knows and I think she sent the email ‘I can’t protect you anymore’ to Cece. Unless she sent it to Bethany and here’s why: THAT NIGHT – Ali invited Bethany, Cece hit Bethany to protect Ali, Melissa buried Bethany but Bethany got out and hit Ali then Bethany killed and buried Sara Harvey to pretend it was her so Cece thought she was dead.

CHARLES IS A and BLACK WIDOW IS BETHANY and helping Charles I think the girl we see in season 6 promo that hands the food to Spencer is Bethany…

CHARLES AND BETHANY’S MOTIVE: Bethany thinks Ali pushed her mum, the girls all hurt Toby (their half brother) and Bethany in the Jenna thing and Jessica and Ali broke up their family.

I really hope this is right I could be wrong about different things or all of it but this is the best everything has all tied together for me!

I also think wren is Charles!!

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