Guest Theory by Pretty Little Podcasters: Three Little Pigs

ella with pig

Recently, I re-watched the pilot of Pretty Little Liars. One thing that caught my eye was Ella and Byron unpacking. As the Montgomery matriarch and patriarch are emptying boxes they come across an old pig puppet that Aria was, apparently, obsessed with as a girl. Now, just off the top of my head I could think of two other significant pig references in PLL; Hanna’s pig cupcakes below and the pig in the trunk. I am sure there are others I just cannot remember.

pig cupcakes hanna

I believe the symbolism of the pig in PLL to be very important. Think of all the weight given to the moment when the girls open that trunk at the end of season three. Viewers were forced to wait months for the reveal. And for it to be a dead pig means either the pig is quite significant or it is very lazy writing. I am going to give the writer’s room the benefit of the doubt and say it is the former.

Pigs are known for being gluttonous and over indulgent. Could this be a clue to A’s identity? Is the pig Hefty Hanna’s way of leaving a calling card? Or could it be a clue to A’s motive? You could easily say the liars are over indulgent. They live in opulent homes, have brand new cars, never wear the same pricey outfit twice. Except Emily. She is often seen in tattered shirts and riding a bike. Does she despise the excesses of her friends?


The show focuses on four main characters. The most famous pigs come from the old fairy tale, Three Little Pigs. Does this mean three of the liars are just innocent little piggies and one of them is a big bad wolf hiding in plain sight? Could one of the liars be A?

[wp_ad_camp_2]Other folklore tells of how pigs are frightened by mirrors which also play a large role in PLL. Aria, for instance, is often filmed via reflection in a mirror. Famously, pigs are also used to destroy evidence in a murder. In the book Hannibal, for example, we learn that a murderer uses pigs to eat the bodies of his victims as they devour everything except the hair and teeth. Or are pigs just merely being used to show the dark, greedy side of human nature that is on full display in Rosewood?

I don’t have a coherent A theory but I am sure the path to A is littered with imprints of pig hooves.

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