Guest Theory by Taylor: Why I believe Wren is A

wren pll

wren pll

Okay so here we go…
In Ep: 1.1 or 1.2 Wren orders a vodka soda we also see A with vodka from time to time and in Ep: 3.4 orders a vodka soda while waiting at an airport.

When Mona tells him about leaving the G being left out of diagnosis we see that his writing is in all caps like most if not all of A’s notes.

Grunwald said to the girls that one of them had been touched by the one Ali fears most. Wren has touched both Spencer and Hannah multiple times.

Yes Ezra was revealed as “Board shorts” but we still don’t know who “Beach hottie” is. As we know Wren has a thing for younger girls. This could also explain why he was at Ali’s funeral, yes he came with Mellisa but he could have came because he knew Ali. Also in the first Halloween episode Ali tells Em that she knows a doctor if she wanted to go on the pill and that HE wouldn’t even tell her mom. Wren has kept Em’s ulcer and stitching up Hannan’s leg a secret from their parents.

Wren is a doctor and worked at Rosewood General and Radley. So he definitely could have…stolen Ali’s autopsy report, got the picture of the girls sneaking around as candy stripers, got the teeth for the “Dead girls can’t smile” necklace, got a picture of Em’s high HGH test results, put the milizopam in Em’s flask and got the girls blood.

In Ep: 4.10 Wren is drawing the picture of red coat and her family. To me this looks like the Montgomery family. Wren said in Ep: 3.2 That his dad is a schizophrenic. Byron has said that his brother suffers from a mental illness. Wren and the Montgomery’s also look similar this could be a potential family connection. We know nothing about Wren’s back story or his family other than what I stated about his father.

What do you think?

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  • Jo

    I don’t think Wren is A, but he is certainly working with A. I think he’s working for A in exchange for A paying off his student loans.

    • Sharmaine Alag

      yeah but he doesn’t need the money cause he already has a lot because he’s a doctor remember?

  • Amy

    But isn’t he like done with the show? He could’ve been Charles’ son and that’s why he said his dad is schizophrenic. So he was helping Charles. It’s a crazy theory but I just came up with it. And as to what Jo said, if Charles was his father no doubt would he pay off his student loans.