Harold Crane Theory

Harold pll

Has anyone suspected anything of this Harold Crane character? I mean, one minute he is the Innkeeper of a creepy motel lot and then he’s wandering around as a high school janitor?

Harold Crane pll

Harold pll

Firstly he knew about Mona’s Lair, I mean she kept a lot of things in that room, enough for him to snoop through. He shows up in an episode named UnmAsked as a Norman Bates type character and we are supposed to believe he is not important?

We’ve only seen him in two episodes, UnmAsked and Epi 14 of Season 3.

Have a look at these clues I found on this shady guy that could put him in the middle of the Rosewood murder. I’m thinking this is our Charles, now before you think i’m off my rocker, i’m NOT saying he is one of the boys  in the video. I’m saying is he is an impostor, who stole the game from Mona. I explain below.

Look at the bag of sweets on his desk. I’m also guessing if he can blag a job at a school then he could do the same as a police station janitor.

Bag of sweets

I found this from this Tumblr, it’s Harold’s letter to Mona.

Page 1

“but I thought … had something between us … you’re…right? Who knows, maybe in time it could turn into something more. I saved some of your things and want to give it back to you, but I want us to go somewhere where we can have a real talk about who you are and who you want to be and how I can be a part of that. If you’re in trouble I can help … something bad”

Page 2

“I don’t care, whatever it is I’m sure you had good reason. You’re so perfect that you would only do something bad if you had to or if someone really deserved it. What I’m trying to get at is that you don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not around me. Wherever you are is okay. I want things to be the way they were. I really do. When you’re ready to talk, you know where to find me … As long as it takes.”

It’s strange that Harold thought he was reading Mona’s diary, when it was actually Ali’s, therefore what if he kidnapped Mona and told her to dress in Ali’s clothing, it’s the girl he knows with the personality of the girl in the diary. Two in One? He even sent her a card saying “Because You’re My favourite”, maybe he liked Mona but was attracted to Ali’s personality.

Harold's Letters

I found his T’s oddly similar to A’s, and the handwriting is very similar to the note Mona got in the dollhouse. I know A could have written this but we clearly saw Harold writing something when Hannily were spying on him,

Harold Handwriting

Look who loves his tea. Also what Mona serves the girls. Similar English style tea cups and saucers and biscuits too.

Tea Time pll

He got close to Spencer more than any of the other girls, Charles wanted Spencer to notice him in that vault.

Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts. Is he taking a step further from stuffing birds?

This gas mask looks like something Janitors have lying around in the basement.

Mona Gas mask

Talking of basements, he had all this in his office. I’m guessing he knows everything.

ali's belngings

I know Charles is supposed to be one of the twins but do we really know that for sure? Marlene has only said Charles is A and that we’ve seen this character’s face before, she hasn’t actually said one of those boys is Charles.

I’m thinking that video was shown because after reading Ali’s diary Harold became obsessed with Ali and her family, after all Ali knew her family secrets.

Harold could have found the video from a place that Ali wrote about in her diary, I remember Ali said to the liars “when I hide something, it stays hid.” But the only place she would write everything down was in her diary. I’m sure Mona didn’t care about her family issues but this guy might because he’s a loner. Charles looks like he’s slow but a smart thinker, much like Harold. He might have torn the pages out before the liars got hold of the diary.

Here is what Marlene said on twitter after the Big A Reveal.


This story will be history before Season 7? I’m guessing this Charles character could be a distraction from the real story. This Charles could be A but not the person who hit Ali, just the one who stole the game from Mona.

Oh and remember when Marlene said, you might see DOUBLE, well what if this Mona is the twin and she’s working with Harold?

Or Harold could be like a Boo Radley type character who we feel sorry for because he saw the state Ali was in that night that Mona brought her in after she got hit and he wants to help her.

IMK did say Black Widow is Endgame, this isn’t Charles or Harold, but someone else, a female character. The same female who was the baby in the home movie of Mrs. D.

  • Maria Falcone

    someone on You Tube stole your harold crane theory. Thought ya’ll should know coz she’s getting a lot of credit for it.

    • PLL Theories

      Thanks for pointing that out! 🙂

    • G_xoxo 92

      Hey, it’s G_xoxo from YouTube. Since you posted this link on my video I decided to come on over. First off, I never took anyone’s theory. I make videos on practically every single character. Just with Charles alone I did videos on him being Ali’s son (before 5×25), CeCe, Bethany, Wren, Garrett, Ted’s son and Harold’s son. Secondly, this theory was actually brought to me by a friend who wanted to do a collab and we researched for hours and hours to make a video. I don’t understand how we “stole” the video. What are the similarities? That we talked about Harold? We both pointed out the obvious things from the two episodes he was in that’s not stealing. We analyzed every single clue in Harold’s scenes just like I do with every single character. If you watch my videos you would see that I give credit to all the people who mention a slight clue so why would I take your theory? I wouldn’t. Ever. So please stop acting as if we did that and posting on my videos insinuating that I would ever take a theory.

      • Maria Falcone

        It’s not my theory. I was tryna be nice to someone pointing out that your theory was very similar, so I shouldn’t have said stole but from where I’m sitting the clues you have shown in your video looks exactly like whats said in this post that’s all. If you say you didn’t know then you didn’t know.

        • G_xoxo 92

          I was actually talking more so to the owner of this site then to you so I’m sorry for that. I actually didn’t see your message until after I posted my comments… And yes, some of the clues were similar, the obvious ones. But we did a hell of a lot of research to figure out the book on his desk, the blocks etc. It’s not uncommon for people to have similar theories but I would never steal someone’s theories that’s why I always post people, sites etc where I receive information. 🙂

          • PLL Theories

            Hi G_xoxo, it was a bit strange to see another Harold Crane theory just after mine was posted, no hard feelings, a lot of people copy my theories and don’t give credit, it’s a great find, great minds think alike! 🙂

          • G_xoxo 92

            You can think what you want but neither @bethany_is_a nor I read your theory and copied it. The reason we have so many clues and going on three parts to a video is because we researched and worked hard. If we copied you we would only have what you have but we work for each and every one of our theories and to say we “stole” it because of a few similarities is just silly.

          • PLL Theories

            I believe you, I didn’t write that you “stole” it, a guest did

          • PLL Theories

            I didn’t actually ever say the word ‘stole’ to anyone, if people think that off their own accords that’s their thinking. I go about doing my own theories with my own research..The only reason I responded is because my reader pointed it out, about the initial idea more than the actual theory.I’m just vary now because in general I notice my screenshots that I take from Netflix myself used on a lot of sites, sometimes the whole theory and not once a single credit. You’ve cleared it up and I believe you, so like I said no hard feelings 🙂

          • G_xoxo 92

            I know you didn’t say stole but I got that vibe when you commented on the video saying “dated before” I know it must suck to have people take theories. I feel you 100% on that and that’s why I will even screen shot people’s comments and put them in my video so everyone has credit. I agree no hard feelings I just wanted to make sure you knew neither of us would ever do something like that just like you we work hard for our theories. 🙂

          • PLL Theories

            I know I did feel horrible because I don’t like to be petty, that’s why I took it off after I posted that bit. But I agree when we spend a lot of time on these theories, which is why we are so protective over them, only us true PLL theorists understand 🙂

          • G_xoxo 92

            I totally agree! I apologize if I came off as rude it wasn’t my intent. 🙂

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            Do you have IG btw?

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            No I’m afraid I don’t have an Instagram account, I haven’t got around to making one yet. I really should though.

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            It’s okay. you replid to me so I thougt you were talking to me I didn’t mean to start a fight Sorry @pll_theories:disqus didn’t want to start a fight or anything with ya’ll!

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            No problem at all. We all got to know each other! Are you on Twitter?

    • G_xoxo 92

      By the way, I’m not trying to be a beotch. I apologize if I came off that way. It’s just upsetting when people say we stole something that we literally spent days working on between the two parts.

  • britt

    He’s obviously A. He appeared in “UnmAsked” so yea…..