Could it be? I’m torn. All ghosts!

spencer jason pll

spencer jason pllOk….So I can’t get over the chin dimples in the Dilaurentis family, notice that Spencer and Mary have it, you can see a resemblance, Spencer is Mary’s child?

So i was watching season 6 episode 2 and Dean….the boy from rehab aka (Spencer’s friend) and him n Spencer look a lot alike!!!

I also have another theory that Mona’s friend who was in Radley, the crazy girl who testified, Leslie – I’m thinking maybe her n Spencer are twins or sisters. I don’t have all the actualities to put down just a thought.

Now this would leave me heartbroken but i have another theory and have thought it for years. What if the whole towns dead all the liars? Think about it the – grave caleb found, the ghost Ashley Marin saw on Halloween, the ‘dreams’ spencer was having that took place along time ago well what if they were really flashbacks and done a twisted connection murderous plot that happened to maybe the whole town. I know I would hate to see that and not to forget, the creepy physic lady?! Maybe on the very last one it’ll start unraveling a chain of how each one died starting with Spencer, Toby, and so on…I don’t know just a theory!!


Guest theory  by Heather Haddaway.