Is Marion or Bethany Charles’ Ally?

marion cavanaugh

Marion is BW

Just a quick post. I watched the several times, doesn’t it seem like there are two woman’s voices? The first one says Freddy, then Mrs. D says her line then at the end, the other voice says: “Play nice now okay?” She also says, “nice job you guys, nice singing Freddy”

I think this is definitely Marion, she knew about Freddy and was either paid to keep quiet or he was her son. I reckon Marion was quite poor and took the money to support herself through nursing school.

And who would send this present to Freddy if they had not been there that day to take the picture? Ally? I think this Ally is Marion. Which may prove she is actually the Lady in Black and she also looked after Wilden as child too, which is why she attended his funeral.

And if Mrs D pushed Marion and blamed it on Charles then it’s greater motive. I wonder why Hanna got that money, does it have something to do with Ashley? Did Marion go to Ashley for a loan when she needed it (Ashley worked in a bank before) and maybe Ashley refused so Marion had to take Mrs. D’s money?

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, I think Marion was an outcast and not treated fairly by the other parents.

If it’s not Marion, it’s Bethany for sure, I mean she’s the one that can draw right? The photo is hand drawn!

What do you guys think?

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  • Amy

    I think Sara Harvey is the Ally. Specifically because she played “Ali” in the dollhouse and she didn’t know anything about Ali, so thus she misspelled Alison’s nickname (Ali is just the nickname, although everyone calls her Ali like it’s her name).

  • shai

    I don’t think ‘Ally’ is for ‘Ali’ in this note, I think it’s for ‘ally’ (= someone who’s on your side). With that said, still suspecting Aria as Uber A and also as the person who sent the gift to Charles. The handwriting looks a lot like Aria’s handwriting in her diary too (ep 1×16).