Is Paige A and Pastor Ted’s Daughter?

Paige Mannequin

I was watching, well re-watching an old episode: 3:11, Single Freight Female, when Ali approaches Paige in a flashback, Ali says “Is he still that big old deacon at the church?” I know Paige’s dad is a Church Deacon but I was wondering whether Ted might have given her away when she was young.

I wonder if Mrs. D, or even Marion had the affair with Pastor Ted and Paige and Bethany are the twins. One had to be put into Radley and the Pastor gave the other away to his close friend at the Church. Bethany probably  doesn’t remember but Paige does. As we know, all roads lead to Radley, but somehow also to the church.

In a flashback we see Hanna ask Ali about the bruise on her back, Ali says it was ‘Pigskin’ who gave it to her, but she also tells the girls, “Don’t worry it won’t happen again” So was Ali planning to get back at Paige?

What if Ali with the help of Cece found out about Paige and Bethany? They wanted to teach Paige a lesson but ended up killing Bethany. 

Now Paige is tormenting Ali the same way Ali tormented her and her sister. It could be possible that Ted found out what happened to Bethany, which is why he turns up in Season 3.

We don’t know who Paige’s mom is.

Is Paige upset that Ted is now being a dad to Hanna and wasn’t there for her and Bethany.

Remember this from 2:19, all the confessions? Well could this one be Paige’s, is she the one afraid of her dad?

A afraid of Dad

Paige says to Mona “I’m just curious, do you ever wonder when you become the very thing you’re afraid of”?

Paige was on the football team, she can run and is quite strong and she could have easily jumped the wall in 4×25.

Why does Paige hide part of this text? 

A Texts Paige

Also we see Paige with this mannequin and later at the end of the same episode, the finger is missing. Is this the disturbed side to her?

Paige Mannequin

Might be nothing, but it’s interesting that Paige dressed up as Marlene Dietrich in A Halloween Ride, a German film star, who kept re-inventing herself.

Paige disappears after Mona’s death, is that because she had anything to do with her death? Also Paige disappears and A comes back. 

Emily gave Paige her flask from the night Emily was drugged, in the same episode Hanna finds Emily’s jacket via Ted from the Church drive.

Mona says to Paige “If you are not with me, you are against me”. Did Paige take that literally? 

Paige and Mona

Also notice the Blue car? Same Car Mona was taken in?

Paige Blue Car

I think Paige had an obsession with Emily before all this started but Ali was playing games with Emily and Paige couldn’t say anything. We see Paige can get quite jealous when she sees Emily with other girls, could she have got rid of Maya?

What do you think? Could Paige and Bethany be the twins and Pastor Ted is their father?

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  • ❤ Lelly ❤

    I love this theory, I forgot Paige’s dad was a church person. The car being blue like Mona’s killer’s car is a coincidence. I investigated that a while back and the cars have different emblems. Mona’s killer had a Ford and Paige drives a Toyota.

    • PLL Theories

      Hi Lelly, thanks for clearing that up! I think Mona’s own car was a Ford. Makes Mona look a bit suss!

  • ❤ Lelly ❤

    Okay now I am convinced Paige is A!!!!

    Remember when Paige was designing that house on the computer for her and Emily to live is? Doesn’t it look just like the one Emily is in from the finale preview?

    Paige is A (dollhouse)

    Notice also the pig in the car – a reference to “pigskin” the name Alison used to taunt her with?

    Also at the end of this episode A is preparing to go to Prom. A has a coursage, a Tux, a bow tie and a pair of earrings!!!

    Paige is A (Tux + earrings)

    And it was always weird to me how she left Emily so easily when before she seemed like she would die for Emily she was so in love with her.

    • PLL Theories

      That desk by the window looks like the one behind Emily, there’s no wardrobe but this is interesting it might be one of the rooms.

  • ❤ Lelly ❤

    Also I think the tongue that was sent to Aria is a pig’ tongue:

    Pig tongue:

    Tongue sent to Aria: