Is This Sara Harvey?

sara harvey pll

sara harvey pllThis was made to look like new guy Jason lookalike, Rhys Matthews (below) but I wonder if the producers have cleverly put it together so it looks like Rhys but is actually Sara Harvey, why else would they cut her beautiful long blond hair on the show!

rhys matthews pll

So, Sara Harvey could be working with Charles?

Remember this taken in Emily’s bedroom whilst Sara was sleeping, I suspect Charles/Red Coat planned it with Sara. After all, Sara didn’t have a microchip planted in her neck, there is no need for Charles to track her because she is on his team.

sara harvey

Sara can’t be Red Coat because I don’t think she is related to the girls in anyway or wants revenge, there’s not enough evidence for it either. (I do think that Red Coat is Bethany and that Bethany is Maya, as crazy as it sounds. Click to see the theory)

Just wanted to share that awesome moment when Red Coat joined Charles in Framed.

red coat charles

What do you think, can the Liars trust Sara Harvey?

sara harvey pll

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  • Meredith

    I do think Sara is Red Coat. I think Sara is the one who nabbed Mona from her house and she is responsible for a lot more than we think. She’s up to her pixie cut in this