Johnny Raymond is Charles

Pll summer finale

A looks petite, so is A a girl, Bethany or could it be a petite guy like Johnny Raymond? Could Johnny be Charles?

  • Johnny is in his 20’s,
  • he likes art, maybe Marion could have taught him at Radley
  • he drew a rat mural when he took Spencer out.
  • He had an unpleasant exchange with Toby.
  • We saw a flashback of him looking at Spencer in Season 1 x 3.
  • He built that listening device, which was suss. So could he be?
  • Spencer’s mum let him stay at the guesthouse, could this be the reason why he never goes after the Hastings? Or did Veronica help him in another way?
  • He just looks creepy, that’s it!

Also in this pic below, Charles doesn’t seem to have blonde hair! Not like the previous photos of him.

Pll summer finale

Johnny raymond pll

johnny is charles