Clues Unlocked: Maddie Ziegler’s creepy dance reveals a story


I noticed Maddie’s dance was relevant to the show because in it she was telling us what happened.

This is how opera scenes are played out. watching this, I don’t think Marion died. And I think Maddie is playing out Spencer’s reality when she was young.

I’m not saying that little girl is Spencer, I’m saying it’s supposed to trigger her memory.

There was one summer Spencer doesn’t remember and I think she was the fragile patient on the roof. Why would SHE get these nightmares, maybe she’s starting to remember what she saw, or what she did. She did recognise the Radley basement.

Plus A sent her a message saying, you know me Spence, you killed me and she had blood on her in the dollhouse. Those could be significant clues.


The girl is holding her stomach, that could mean pregnancy? Maybe Marion  was pregnant or she was a nurse to someone who was.


It looks like she was locked in somewhere and she is asking to be let out.  Like she’s asking for help.

Asking for help

She’s holding her mouth, like someone is shutting her up, then it looks like she’s drowning. Is she drowning in her secret?

covering her mouth

This is the part where Marion looks back,  like she’s seen someone after her.

she sees someone

Marion on the roof pll

Plus if she wanted to commit suicide than she wouldn’t scream, just drop, you would scream if you were pushed.

We see that she is hurt but it doesn’t look like she is dead. Look at the way she gets back up…

Gettin up

Then she goes and sits in the corner, so maybe Marion was kept somewhere? Hidden by Mrs. D? Was she the person Mrs. D couldn’t protect, I think there may be a good chance that it is. Maybe Charles was hers and Mrs. D killed the kid.


I think Spencer recognized the photo of the girl on the photo because she was in Radley and has seen it before. This is what the mind does when it is pressured, it remembers things. The focus has been on Spencer’s vulnerability and ‘addiction’ this season.


Some theoretical explanations:

Probably Charles pushed Marion. Mrs. D hid it. She tells Mr.Hastings, Spencer pushed her. Marion is Alive, someone took her (Wilden)

Mrs.D wanted to blame Spencer, which is why she says to Ali, never turn your back on a Hastings.  Or another possible theory, she actually believed it was Spencer because Charles told her a lie.

Mr. Hastings says to keep Spencer out of it.

Melissa knew about Spencer in Radley, which is why she’s been protecting Spencer.

Cece set up that night for Charles  or Bethany to get Ali.  But it went wrong, which is why Cece had to disappear. I think Marion is BW.  Mrs. D had an affair with Marion’s lover.

What do you guys think?

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I don’t usually ask but if you use any of this theory, would you please give the credit here 🙂  Thank you.

  • Amy

    This is all so confusing? MUST KNOW WHO A IS!!! I’m seriously done with making my own theories bc “IT IS THE MOST CONFUSING THING IN THE WORLD”!!! You can’t even argue, there’s nothing this confusing or more confusing.

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