Marion is Black Widow

A is nurse child

I’ve been watching Pll episodes again and I’ve found some things that have given me reAson to think Marion is black widow, that Ali had planned to disappear and that this has been planned from the beginning and Cece should not be trusted at all.

Marion is BW

I explain everything below.

Marion is alive (I’ve done a similar theory on Marion is Alive before but this one is updated) and Toby knows it. Look at the scene below where Spencer goes to teach Toby French, someone slams the window shut, we think it’s Jenna but I have a feeling it was Marion.

marion is black widow

Why? Marion knew that Spencer was involved in the stunt that Ali pulled with the firecracker and when we read Marion’s death records it says Mr.Hastings was the lawyer in her settlement case.

Look closely at the drawings below, now look at these scenes with Hanna and Emily. I don’t think Bethany drew them all in Radley, I think she was drawing them as she goes. When Emily went to see Mrs. D this is exactly what she was wearing. I think either Ali or Bethany is in the house, staying with Mrs.D. Emily finds that Red coat may be sleeping under the basement, I think it was either Bethany or Ali and Mrs. D knew.

The same, when Hanna went to see Mrs. D, she sees someone in the window, I think it was Bethany. here she drew Hannah as the monster.  Remember the note that tanner found that said Hannah and Emily are the worst, well I think Mrs.d told Bethany something about them after they visited.

Bethany's drawings

Now the note:

hanna and emily

Remember Ali kept saying I hide things, I’m writing my diaries for you Spencer, I want to die in such a way that everyone keeps talking about it. I think she was planning to fake her death because she was pregnant and wanted to escape or she wanted to get away from her mum. When Ali visited Hanna in hospital, she said to Hanna i told someone the truth that’s why I’m in this place.I think she told Cece what she was planning. Cece planned something else. Only something went wrong and someone really hit Ali.

Ali Pll

That’s why I think Ali helped Maya fake her death, because she knew exactly how. Maya must have found out she was Alive when she was staying at Noel’s house. I think Ali was staying there too. Noel helped Ali escape to New York, so why not before?  I think that it was Ali that pulled Maya outside Noel’s house.

I don’t believe Charles is A alone, or is even alive.  I think it might be Marion and Bethany working together with Wren, because of what the DiLaurentis’ did to Charles.

I think Marion was cast out by the residents of Rosewood, and she had no choice but to fake her death. I know you guys are probably thinking how many people will fake their death but Rosewood is a place where anything can happen, and if you feel you have to hide then that’s what you have to do. I’ve said before, she has no date on her memorial, why? She loved bird-watching and someone had Tippi. Marlene said Season 4 was about BW and we see A without their mask. That’s when Marion was shown. A was helping Toby find out what happened to her, what if was his own mum wanting him to know why she did what she did.

Maybe Wilden helped Marion and that’s why she went to the funeral.

This is from my Maya is Bethany Theory, from the anagrams that Mona had, they also spell out:

A is nurse child

Marion was a pediatric nurse.

Plus Marlene named her The Lady in Black not Black Widow. In the movie the Lady in black, it’s about the people who die when they look at the woman’s face. So what if that’s what happens in pll? When someone finds out about Marion being alive, they are killed by Charles/A?

Here is my Wren, Marion and Bethany theory.

What do you guys think?



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