Maya is Bethany

maya book

We’ve said before we think Maya is A and I truly believe she could be. Take a look at 5 reasons why Maya is A. Note: Some of the stuff is repeated from our last post.

We’ve also said that Maya is Bethany, a daughter of Mrs. D and Eddie Lamb, kept secret by Marion. Bethany becomes Maya Anne St Germain (notice the French surname, like DiLaurentis, and Marion). moves into, or Mrs D lets her move into Ali’s house. She discovers all of Ali’s stuff there. It’s funny that in the Pilot Maya was seen throwing out Alison’s stuff, yet when Emily stayed at the DiLaurentis house, she said she’s kept Ali’s stuff exactly where everything was. (hmmm)

Bethany’s book

The way she’s put Maya over her book. Oh and who might that be in the background?

maya is bethany

Maya's book

Is Marlene giving us a little clue here: look at Maya’s top and the drawing on her book. Similar, right?

Maya and Bethany Pll

Similar instances Ali and Maya were found

In the Pilot episode at the end when they discover Ali’s body, Emily and the girls rush over, In the Episode that Maya disappears, the same song is playing as in the pilot and the scenes look identical!

The Lodge 

Most people think this is Jenna, but doesn’t it look like Maya?

Maya is Bethany

Maya The Illusion

Marlene has said Pll has a mythical aspect to it, well Maya means Illusion in Hindi, I noticed everyone saying, she’s everywhere but nowhere, I think it might be related. We know the show has a lot of magic aspects to it.

Maya’s Secret Site

Maya was very secretive and kept a site locked, which means she’s good with computers. Must be good with phones too.

Is this Maya and not Shauna?

Could this be A without their mask? As a child. Marlene said You can see A without their facade in season 4.

maya is A

That Doll

The little boy said the girl looked like this doll, doesn’t it look like Maya?Maya is AWe think it’s big possibility that Maya could be A and that she is protecting her dad, Eddie. Plus Toby could be helping her.

When A went through Maya’s purse ‘they’ found a bottle of pills, the label is fiction but a nurse online said it’s this drug: Benzodiazepine, which is given for patients with depression. Maya/Bethany needed this to stay sane?


Out of all the pockets A went to this first? Was Maya still pining for Emily? Are the red lips the clue Marlene gave?


red lips

Now I may be pushing it a little here but sometimes i think of Marlene’s clue as metaphoric than literal (which mot of the time they are) but when she tweeted the lighting bolts I thought of the song by Jake Bugg, here is a lyric:

Met her as the angels parted for her
But she only brought me torture
But that’s what happens
When it’s you that’s standing in the path of a lightning bolt

Makes me think of Bethany and Ali

Maya asks Emily for a fake ID.


I know everyone thinks Bethany is Caucasian, but what if that was Sara Harvey that was hit? Or Cece, when Cece goes to a party at Noel’s house, which they stamp her with the same eye as Maya had on her hand, anyway Noel’s brother says to Cece “Cece, back from the dead” So maybe someone knew Cece got hit and they pulled her out.

Also if Maya is Ali’s sister than they would have the same DNA but Maya could have tampered with the body before it got found, aka if she was Bethany than it would be recognized as Bethany Young.

Also Wren could have met Maya inside and helped her, we see Wren quite a bit in the first season, was he with Melissa and Spencer to be next to Maya who was next door? This drawing does look a bit like Maya? Red Coat anyone?

Maya is Bethany

What is Maya so angry about?


Maya could be in witness protection that’s why she’s vanished. And if she told the cops she is Bethany than of course they would protect her. Or maybe Mrs.D isn’t her mum, maybe Marion is and Wilden knew this?

UPDATE: After watching 5×24, I noticed this on Ali’s notes of Mona….

Maya is Bethany Young

More evidence to suggest that Maya, Bethany and Ali’s mom are related?

Also I unscrambled this from Mona’s note, it could either be Alert, A is Nurse Child, being Maya is Eddie’s child or Alert, A is Child Nurse, meaning Eddie/ Marion?

Nurse Eddie

What do you guys think?


  • ThreeCupsOfFantasy

    Somethings are a little bit too much I think, but I love your theory on the same time!

    • Thanks for your kind words!

  • Barbara Gray Ashley

    1. It’s spelled Shana. 2. Bethany is two years older than Maya. 3. Big A was seen plotting in seasons 1-4. Maya is alive, but not Bethsny or Big A. Check out facts on

    • 1. Corrected. 2. Maya could be lying about her age. 3.Maya was in Season 1 but A took over from season 3. 4. I agree but we don’t know for sure she isn’t Bethany, anything could happen in PLL.

  • Aurélie S. Aertgeerts

    I think Maya’s dead. I know we didn’t see her body, which leave room for suspicion, but come on! The cops in that town aren’t morons. If they have a dead body, they should know the identity of said body, right? If they mourn her and mention her death over and over, it’s because they have a confirmation that she is who she is, and that she’s dead! Also, if she was related to Ali, and shared DNA with her, the cops would have found that too, and we’d know about it by now!

    • PLL Theories

      We also thought this about Alison, they found her body didn’t they?
      Also, what about Mona, the show is unpredictable and this is something you would least suspect!

      • Aurélie S. Aertgeerts

        I don’t agree for Ali, because her mom said “the yellow top was enough”, which is stupid, but plausible for a mom to ask no further, if a blond with a yellow top just like her daughter’s was found in their backyard a year after her murder, to just want to bury her and give herself some peace of mind. Maya was found at most a couple days after her death, with doesn’t leave enough time for the body to start decomposing itself. And if Maya were alive, we would have heard about it by now, she would have contacted Emily somehow.
        Mona is a mystery to me. 😀

    • Amy

      Okay, not against your theory, but the cops in that town sorta are morons…. They claimed Ali was dead for years while she wasn’t and they’ve never even figured out who killed Bethany Young.

  • Milii Estrada

    well, the anagram also could be …

    N E R D L U C A S I S T H E L I A R

    R U N A L I, C H A R L E S I S T E D

  • Amy

    This is really confusing…. I think Maya’s alive, but I don’t think she’s A. Maybe Charles took her captive, which I wondered with so many people after the season 5 finale.

  • 214nae

    I like the “Alert, A is child nurse” breakdown because Marion (Toby’s mom) is a children’s nurse & I’m starting to believe she is Big A.