MAyA’s GAme PlAn?

MAyA's GAme PlAn?

I’m probably shooting myself in the foot by creating this post, esp seeing at The Big A Reveal is tonight but ever since my Maya is Bethany theory, I have been gathering a little bit more evidence. I’m not saying Maya is BIG A, though she could be, what this post suggests is that she could have been Bethany, Ali’s sister. Her character has always been a bit shady but this gallery shows her possible motives for being A. I actually think Marion could be Big A but i don’t have enough evidence on that. I also have a theory that everyone is Alive in the dollhouse, creepy or what!

I am A or Maia


maiabig AMaya is Ababy blocks pll

Number of messages

Hanna and Emily have the most number of messages from A. Source: PLL Wikia

Mona, first A texts and warns Hanna because she actually liked her.

Maya, more texts to Emily, because she loved her.

Pilot: The writers already show is a glimpse of Maya in a wig?

Maya in a wig

Maya calls emily

S2:16 Maya pranks Emily through a private number.  Then she asks Emily for a fake ID.

S2:20 Why was Maya talking to Jason? And In Eye of the Beholder Jason was shocked to find that Maya was missing.

maya and jason

Also in Eye of the Beholder, Jason says Maya dropped off Ali’s belongings from the house, look at the voodoo doll Aria is holding, this was locked away in Ali’s secret place. I’m sure no one would have known about it, if Mrs. D had cleaned it then she would have known Ali was being threatened from a long time before she was hit. So the question is did Mrs. D know or was Maya and Mona working together at this point? because Mona was A in season 1 and 2.

vodoo doll

B for biology or B for Bethany

b for  bethany

pictures of alison

Maya was jealous of Ben and Emily, did she set up the attack between Ben and Toby? and ended up taking Emily to Noel’s party.

Maya and Emily

S1: 6 Maya to Emily “I’m not Gaga for Gaga”  was Maya watching Ali from a long time before?

not gaga for gaga


Bethany; Yellow is my favorite color. Maya at Homecoming.


Maya took Emily to watch this horror on their first date….

movie night

This is a painting from the film…it’s the exact same one that spooked Ali. I have written more about this in my post here. Could Eddie have taken Maya away after the whole Ali incident?

I walked with a zombie

Maya is seen emotional when Emily’s dad comes home. Does this show her yearning for her own dad?

Maya's affection

Did she check herself into a rehab clinic because she really wanted to change for Emily?

S2.11 Maya to Emily: I’m not leaving until I get my calamari. Is this some sort of euphemism because I thought Maya was allergic to seafood? She told Pam when she went round for dinner at Emily’s house.

Maya’s site was a goldmine of video’s. She sure knows how to work a camera, is this a clue to the dollhouse camera feed?

Maya's site

If she can create her video site, she probably knows how to create a live feed.

good with cameras

S2:12 Hanna  about Maya’s boots. “Maya okay, are those this season?” Maya awkwardly looks away. We know A purchased boots online, we thought they were Aria’s size but Maya is small like Aria too.


S2:20 Maya wanted Emily to go with her but when she declined, Maya knew she had to disappear, I think this is when she planned to take over as A. I don’t think this was Mona watching Emily after the party, I think it could have been Maya.

Maya watching Emily

S2:25 Maya is the one who visits Mona at Radley because she asked Mona to help her disappear.

Maya at Radley

S3:9 Emily watches a Maya video where she reads a poem titled ‘That Night’ is this a clue that the writers put in?

S3:10 A switches the channel to Wheel of Fortune, is this because she used to watch it with Emily?

Maya wheel of fortune

A warns Emily about Nate when she stays at the cabin:  “GET OUT NOW, you have a minute left”

You have one minutem ger out

Emily kills Maya’s stalker,  A to Emily “Thanks Em, I owe you one.”

Emily I owe you one

Maya wants to tell Toby about his Mom, since she is Bethany and knows what happened.


The writers said The Mirror has three faces had a major clue, was it that the person in the mirror was Bethany/Maya with a Ali mask? 3 faces one mirror.

The mirror has three faces

Was Maya staying at the DiLaurentis house whilst Emily was staying there?

maya staying at emilys

Wren to Eddie “We’re not having the same problem again are we Eddie?” Was Eddie making favors for another patient? Bethany?

eddie and wren

And remember how A told Toby to “Leave the Lamb alone and go for the Lion?” Was A protecting Eddie?

Leave the Lamb

S4:12 Cece was calling someone, it could have been Maya, If Cece knew Maya from Radley then Maybe they kept in touch.

maya and cece

But A doesn’t actually like Cece because I think in the same episode she stabs the knitting needle in doll, I think this is Cece because we see Cece in the hoodie and this is her doll. Looks like A is frustrated with Cece because of her demands above.

cece doll

Was Maya staying rent free at some of the DiLaurentis properties?

same armchair pll

Mrs. D lied and said she was her Aunt when she was actually her mom


I think Cece could be the one Maya is after, her and all the NAT club members Ian, Garrett, Melissa, Jenna and Jason. She could also hold a grudge against the liars’ parents.

We never see Maya’s parents in the show, nor do the liars. I wonder if Maya as A is taking credit for murders she hasn’t committed? Or maybe it’s all one big game.

I found this…..from a Hindu mythology site

maya illusion

I remember Spencer said in S5:20 “Vishnu, I am become Death” that’s a misquote from Hinduism too. It’s actually about a warrior who is told to take on a personality to face his demons. Makes me wonder if Alison knew the whole truth about Maya!

Okay so that’s it Last theory before The BIG A REVEAL!!