Miss Bethany Young – All things yellow

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I was thinking about Bethany Young, how she wrote in her letter to Alison that she likes the color yellow. I looked for other things in PLL related to the color.

Alison Cece and Bethany were all wearing yellow the night of Alison’s disappearance.


Toby was wearing a yellow t-shirt in his flashback. Could he be related to Bethany? Brother maybe.


In the Halloween episode, the girls in the twin story are both wearing yellow dresses, the whole scene looks yellow.


In one of Marlene’s Instagram photos, the girl is wearing a yellow top and blue bows much like the bows on the twins.

pll theories

In Through a Glass, Darkly, we see Tanner smelling yellow flowers.

pll theories

In the same episode we are shown Mrs Grunwald smelling roses, these are yellow.

pll theories

In the episode ‘Over A Barrel’ we see a jacket hanging that’s yellow.


Do you think these could be clues that link to Bethany?

  • Rochi

    Also, the dresses Ali finds in the piano.