Mona’s Secret – PLL Theory

Mona's secret pll

A lot people have been wondering what Mona’s secret could be and there is still a possibility that Maya is Big A. (If you haven’t seen my Maya is Bethany theory then click here to read.)

I’ve said it in my Maya theory and It still makes sense to me that Mona helped Maya fake her death, here’s why:

At the end of 2×25, red coat (I’m assuming, Maya goes to see Mona in Radley) Mona says “I did everything you asked me to”…. I think Maya asked Mona to help fake her death. Why would she go to Mona? Remember when Mona said Maya Knew, I think she meant Maya knew that Mona was A and Maya blackmailed Mona into helping her disappear.

I don’t think Mona knew Maya took over but she this is the reason Mrs. Grunwald says Mona was betrayed, because when it came to Mona’s turn to fake her death. Maya had her killed.

I think Ali also knew that Mona made Maya disappear the way she helped her, but Ali never saw Maya so she doesn’t know who she is.

If we think about it, Maya had success to Ali’s belongings. I know Mrs. D said she put them in storage but what about Ali’s hidden wall where she put all her stuff she got from A? Surely Maya could have found that and also found out that Mona was the one behind this game. If Maya was Bethany and Ali’s sister than it would also make sense as to why she was in Rosewood and more importantly why she chose to say at Ali’s house.

What do you think? xoxo