CREEPY: Neilan’s – A LAir

neilan preview

I’ve seen Neilan’s department store quite a few times in PLL and it got me wondering, why?

I’ve mentioned before that Toby could be playing a character named Jame’s Neilan so could it be related?

This is what I found.



neilans pll

There is a character in How the A stole Christmas called Neilan, I’m guessing he is the lawyer that gives Hanna the drawings of Ali’s house. But I watched it over and found this, trust me, it was a hassle to stop it here, that’s why it’s blurry. Doesn’t the man in the background and Charles Carpenter the guys who ‘plays’ Neilan look a little similar?

Neilans store


Charles pll

Also Mrs. D had a bag from Neilan’s, the one she gave to Cece, I got this photo from when Ashley goes searching in Ali’s room.

Neilan's Pll

Someone from Neilan’s sent the yellow tops to the girls.

Yellow Top Neilans pllAnd the last piece was when A was sending an Invite to Pam. Look at the bit of Paper, it has Neilan’s on the side.


So who is this Neilan person and how is he related to Rosewood and this whole mess!

P.s I found this from Ali’s funeral, at the church when the girls are talking, there is a character at the back, who looks suspicious, he is looking at the girls and after a while, he is gone and it’s different at the back. See…Why would they do this?

pll theory


I think Neilan’s could be A’s new Lair. Remember this?


Is this what Marlene was hinting at? A store with Mannequins…..

I think Neilan could be related to Bethany or Toby.  Is Neilan’s the Seven letter word Marlene told us?

What do you think? xoxo



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