The Night of Alison’s Disappearance

hard luck

Who was actually there at the night of Alison’s disappearance. We know that Alison was blackmailing Byron and he came to confront her that night. Melissa and Cece were there, Jason saw them and why was he out of it that night! Mrs D was at home and all four girls were at the farm but Spencer came out to talk to Alison. Alison saw Toby and Ian that night and Jenna on the same day, she also spoke to Ezra and Garret. We think Bethany Young and Sara Harvey were there but this may not be true.

Mrs D warned Alison not to go out that night, who was the patient that was missing from Radley and who was she talking about this on the phone to. Was she talking to Eddie Lamb, who we know is one of the staff at Radley, who else do we know of that works there? Were they talking about Bethany or was it Cece, was Cece the one that has been crazy all along and Alison knows this and that’s why Mrs D thinks their relationship is ‘toxic’. Is Cece Byron’s daughter because we don’t know who her parents are and did Alison know this, was she was blackmailing Byron about that too.

Jason thought he saw Alison but in the flashback we saw Melissa and Cece, what were they talking about and why did they disappear when Jason called out for Alison. Did Melissa and Cece plan for something that night? Why did Melissa say “What do I have to do, call 911 to get your attention?”. Was she talking to one of the cops, Wilden, Garret or Holbrook. Did she know that something was going to happen that night.

Spencer didn’t sleep from the pills, she went after Alison and when she came back to the farm, she said Ali’s gone “I don’t know where she is” Did she hit Alison after their talk, or did she hit Bethany by accident?

Bethany Young wrote to Alison that she is excited to come and see her and her friends, she mentioned that her favorite color is yellow. Who sent Alison the yellow top to wear that day was it really her mom, why was Cece, Bethany and Sara Harvey all wearing the same or similar yellow top. Why was Bethany wearing Alison’s outfit and her bracelet too.

Byron come to confront Alison, he could have come back to hit Alison, he may have hit Bethany by accident.

The person that hit Alison was already bleeding so who was hit or was bleeding first and why.

oh what hard luck


In Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me we find out that what happened in Ali’s back yard was a trap but we don’t know who set the trap for who. In the tape Bethany was upset, she said  “She’s a bitch, she’s an evil bitch. It’s either me or her. She’s not the only one who can make plans.” It would be obvious that Bethany was talking about Alison but was she really talking about Alison or was she talking about Cece! Who was she talking to, it sounded like Eddie Lamb, why would she say ‘It’s either me or her’ was she talking to her father and mother (Eddie Lamb and Mrs Dilaurentis) ‘it’s either her or Alison’. Why was she so angry at Alison what did Alison do to make her hate her so much, in her letters to Alison it does not seem that way. So if she was talking about Cece, we know that Cece would dress up as Alison in Radley, Cece could have done something to Bethany in Radley that we will soon find out about. Maybe Melissa and Cece set a trap for both of the girls Bethany and Alison, they could have sent both girls the same clothes to wear that day. Whatever they planned could have messed up because whoever was after Bethany hit Alison and whoever was after Alison hit Bethany. I think that Eddie Lamb came for Cece but hit Alison and Byron came for Alison and hit Bethany.

What do you think?