Pastor Ted – Saint or Sinner?

ted cookie

What’s the story with Pastor Ted?

His first appearance was in That Girl is Poison, where he met Ashley whilst volunteering at the rummage sale. He shares his cookie with Ashley and they talk about Hanna, he looks around to Hanna and seems to know who she is. He was keen on getting to know the Marins a bit, but was there more to it?

ted pll

When Hanna finds Emily’s jacket in the pile of clothes that someone left next to her, he watches as she puts the jacket in her bag. Pastor Ted comes by to ask her about it and she hands over the money for it. Did he put the jacket in the clothes?

ted a rummage

In The Remains of A, Pastor Ted plans a church party why did he want Hanna to be there, it seems like he is trying to find out more about Hanna. Does he know who she is, is that why he came to Rosewood to find out about Hanna. Maybe he has come to tear the mother and daughter apart?

In Crazy, Ella watches as Ted swirls the spoon around his ice cream, in the previous episode ending A is eating ice cream and looking for at a ‘Room to rent’. Is it a coincidence that Pastor Ted has a sweet tooth as does A?

ted ice cream pll

a ice cream

Ella says that she has never met a Pastor who goes ‘boogie-boarding in Samoa’. Is this a coincidence or could this mean he is the real board-shorts?

Look at Pastor Ted’s shirt that’s folded into his jeans in this picture below.

pastor ted pll

It looks similar to what the man is wearing in this drawing. Could it represent Pastor Ted and his family?

Wren drawing

Ted gave Ashley the flash drive with all of the videos on it which he found at the church, so he knows all of their secrets and could be blackmailing them about it.

We know Pastor Ted’s relationship with Ashley and Ella but did he know Mrs DiLaurentis?

He could be Bethany/Sara Havey’s father who has come to find out what happened to his daughter.

But what if he isn’t anyone’s dad? What if he is Marion’s brother and Toby’s uncle. Could it be that Bethany was also Marion’s child. The drawing above could be of Marion and Ted as children with their parents. If Ted is A then he would lead Toby to his mother’s death. He would get revenge on everyone who helped cover up Marion’s fall including Wilden and Eddie. Especially Mrs. D and Ali. The only reason he is after the girls is because all their parents were involved somehow?

If he’s not a brother, he could be Marion’s lover and Toby’s and Bethany’s real dad? At this stage he could be anyone!

Was he the one that put the money in the bibles?

money bible pll

Let me know your thoughts on Pastor Ted, could he be A?

ted a

  • Riley

    I totally agree that Ted could possibly be A. In the note Mona left at the end of season 5 (Chandelier’s Rituals, Sister Launched Lair, & A ruler’s list chained) I saw that each individual phrase is an anagram of each other. With this I took Chandelier’s Rituals and anagrammed it and I found that a possible anagram (besides Charles DiLaurentis) is “Run Ali Ted is Charles”. but that leaves 4 letters from the original (c,h,e,s,l) and there’s not much you can anagram that to. Do you have an idea on what those last 4 letters could mean? I don’t know if this is a coincidence or not. Do you by chance have any other insight?