PLL 6B Finale – Who is Uber A?

pll 6b

Hey guys,

I know I haven’t posted in a while but it’s good to back in a position where it’s actually a little interesting to do these theories again, I kinda have to say it may not be the best finale but I think it’ll be okay.

I have a couple of people in mind as to who could be Uber A.

Mrs. D  could be the twin, I know it’s highly likely at the moment but that could have actually been a dream, maybe Marlene wanted to confuse us. But Mrs. D wouldn’t be Uber A, if she told Ali everything was going to be okay, why would she want to harm her? It doesn’t make sense. I think Mrs. D was a distraction from someone else.

I think Lucas could potentially be the twin, he was acting strange in this past episode and whoever A is is great at tech – He is also doing well for himself and he is most likely to play dress up in a limo, as he has the funds to do this. Maybe it was him and Mona who wanted to get to Charlotte for some reason?

See my Hanna theory here.

Then we have Spencer, I would love for her to have the twin. Her family has always been in the wars with the Dilaurentis’ and we know Spencer was in Radley as a young child- Only was there one of her, or two? Melissa may be protecting Spencer from her Twin. And maybe that twin wants to ruin Mrs. Hastings campaign night. Why pick that night, why tie in the Hastings into this?

Last but not least, the ultimate betrayal would be Caleb! I could see him having the twin – both equally good at tech, playing against each other. He’s never been questioned from the get-go but he’s obvious, like how Cece was obvious.

Also, I wonder if they’ll go and follow the books and go with Ali who has the twin? What do you think? What’s your finale theory. Let me know!