PLL 6B!!

pll 6b

You guys, can you believe it’s been nearly 5 months since the “reveal of A”! I put that in brackets because if you are a PLL junkie, you would have seen Marlene’s tweet on the new villain being named Uber A, which makes me wonder whether someone was using Charlotte after all, I mean she isn’t all there (no pun intended).

Here’s a quick recap, and after I’ll go through everything we now know about 6B.

  • Cece/Charlotte, came out as A, she had planned to target Ali and her friends because she was made an outsider by her family. (Although at times she said she was protecting Ali but then why do all this).
  • Charlotte was born Charles, she had played dress up at a young age and her father claimed she tried to drown Ali, Charlotte denied this.
  • Mr and Mrs. D placed Charles in Radley, where he grew up and had a sex change. Apparently Mrs. D told Mr. D that Charles died but she kept visiting her in Radley in secret.
  • At Radley, she made friends with Bethany Young, who she claims pushed Toby’s mom Marion off the roof. (However, the ages and the timeline do not match up with this).
  • Charlotte got out of Radley and went to the same college as Jason, where she tried to hook up with him.
  • She stole the game from Mona. And Sara Harvey was her only accomplice in the whole game. We saw that Sara Harvey was Red Coat and she was also Black Widow.
  • Charlotte tried to jump after she got Sara to nearly blow up the building the liars were in but the liars talked her out of it.
  • The moms were trapped in the basement, but must have got out after.
  • And Charlotte never killed Mrs. D, we never found out who did.
  • And all the girls left Rosewood to go college, except Ali.

Now, everything we know so far about 6B. (Contains Spoilers)

Ali pll 6b

I’m sure we all know it’s a 5-year flash forward, which will be interesting to see how the girls have grown after the A fiasco.

The girls are brought back to Rosewood for Charlotte’s court case. And speculations are that Emily’s dad has died, which would make sense as he’s had heart troubles in the past and he wasn’t involved in the A case as much as all the other parents.

Ali is to get married to Dr. Elliott Rollins, who is said to be Charlotte’s doctor.

Haleb is no longer and Hanna is seeing someone new. She is working in Fashion and will meet a new guy named Jordan.

Out of all the liars, Emily is hiding the biggest secret.

Spencer’s mom is running for senator, which keeps Spencer busy and Toby gets lonely and starts hanging out with a girl named Yvonne.

Ezria are also no longer and Aria will meet a new guy when she comes back.

But don’t worry, Ezra, Caleb and Toby are all still in 6B!

Uber A (Big Bad) is out to get the girls, theories are that it’s a male character, but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. It could be someone who has read about Charlotte in the news and is a copycat.

We have read that Charlotte will be killed off sometime in 6B.

And the Uber A storyline will end in 7B.

It looks like we are all back to theorising, If you have any theories, send them in with your name and Twitter handle if you have one and we’ll post it on here.

PLL returns on the 12 Jan, 13 in the UK!!! You can watch the Winter promo here.