PLL FinAle Season 5: Predictions

PLL Predictions

PLL Predictions Firstly, these are NOT SPOILERS but my own Predictions of what could happen, and some of what I would like to see happen  in the BIG FINALE  for season 5.

  • The liars watch NAT Videos planted around the Dollhouse
  • They watch who pushed who off the roof at Radley
  • A recruits a list of Ali’s haters, Paige, Lucas, Andrew, Cindy and Mindy, Jenna, Melissa, and brings them to the ‘prom’ in masks.
  • Black Widow saves the liars
  • A goes after Ali because everyone will be busy searching for the liars.
  • Mrs. Grunwald makes an appearance.
  • One of the girls ends up in Radley.
  • Tanner is connected to A.
  • Ali has been protecting the liars all along.
  • Someone dead is Alive.
  • We see Cece again.
  • A Major character dies.
  • A twist: We find out the Liars killed everyone, they are the villains and A is the victim.
  • And my last one,  which contradicts some above but the biggest twist, Ali turns out to be A and she knows it, no mental disorder, nothing, she just loves the game. (But i know this won’t happen because we’re supposed to feel sorry for A :()

Do you have any predictions or what would you like to see happen? Write them in the comments!

If you make predictions, remember to keep in mind that the liars won’t find out who BIG A is in the episode, only we will.