PLL Prom – Last Dance Recap

PLL dresss Prom

Firstly can we take the moment to appreciate the liars’ dresses!
PLL dresss Prom

And another for the stunning moms!

mom pll

OMG, after 6 years we are now only 6 days away from knowing who A is. That’s a freakin’ bittersweet, because it’s been such a long time coming and next week’s episode will be over in a flash because we won’t have time to breath.

Okay so this Rhys, Jason looky-likey, I don’t buy that’s  A. I mean if Clarke turned out to be a cop then chances are he was protecting the girls and Rhys was hired by Mrs. D or Kenneth to look out for Ali.

I think the person taunting the mums might be Marion. Why target the moms? If A is at the prom with Ali then this must be Red Coat or Black Widow (The Lady in Black, as originally named by Marlene)

I’ve said many times before that Marion was probably an outcast in the neighborhood and these moms look like the liars but grown up versions, so A is going after the liars and Marion is going after the moms.

I think A can be any of these:






Reason why Bethany is top of my list is because, look how similar the headpiece was to her picture of Mrs.D, I know someone else had similar costumes but there could be a team of them, but is it a coincidence?


Tender moments of the night:


new york

What are your thoughts on A, best moments from the PLL prom?