PLL Season 7: Spencer the dead twin

Pll season 7

Hey dolls!

Welcome to Season 7! What did you guys think of the first episode?

I loved it because it put the spotlight on one of my favourite characters: Spencer. There was something alarming about the scene with Hanna and the Spencer hallucination. Out of that, was born this theory:

  • I think Marlene is staying true to the books, but she is using Spencer as the twin in the show. The Spencer we know is A.D and her twin is dead, because she killed her.
  • I think Mary Drake might have been looking after the girls when it happened. Maybe Peter paid Mary not to say anything and also told Jessica to send her sister away. After which Peter had the twin put into Radley as well. (That’s probably where Cece and Spencer (A.D) met. Things with the Hastings and DiLaurentis’ have not been right since.
  • Jessica was probably afraid that Spencer (A.D) got close to Ali did the same to her, that why she wanted Spencer (A.D) locked up. After all it was her fault Mrs. D’s sister had to go.
  • Spencer (A.D) could have easily killed Mrs. D and hidden her in the back yard.
  • I know Ali turned out alive after the girls’ had all seen her in their “hallucinations” but I think this “Spencer” will actually turn out to be dead. Maybe the little ghost girl that came to Mrs. Marin was Spencer after all!
  • If Spencer was Mary and Peter’s daughter than that would mean Cece was her sister but I’m not too sure about this.
  • I also think evil Spencer could have killed Toby’s mom not Bethany, after all the year Spencer “lost it” – when we see Ali and Mrs Hastings with the clothes cut up in the yard- could have been the year Marion was pushed off the Radley roof after Spencer was admitted in Radley – the ages of Ali and Toby match up.
  • If Cece and Spencer were friends or in the game together, she wouldn’t give Spencer up. And “That night” that Melissa was talking to Cece, maybe she was telling her to leave Spencer alone.
  • Bethany could have been in Radley with both Spencer and Charlotte. Charlotte hated Ali at that point and was going to kill her, Bethany goes to warn Ali but Spencer kills her to cover up for Charlotte.

I need to add more points to the theory, but what do you guys think so far? Could it be Spence?



  • Sweet Crystal

    And A.D = Another Drake. 😉

  • ThatbitchBethany

    I love that Theory! i thought about that too, that the real Spencer might be dead and the Evil twin is now A.D., in my version of this theory the Evil twin is none other than Bethany Young that took Spencer’s place, and i have two options: A- That crazy girl finally thought she was the real Spencer, but during the 5 years that passed she had to come to the fact she’s Bethany not Spencer , she was her twin and she killed her. Since Charlotte tried to murder her, she killed Charlotte.
    B- She suffers of dissociative identity disorder and she was convinced to be Spencer she has two personalities: ‘Spencer’ is the sane one, and ‘Bethany’ is the insane one.
    My other theory is that there ain’t no twin, Spencer is Bethany herself and:
    Option 1: She does not know anything about nothing and she is Bethany without knowing that and completely clueless about everything Option 2 : She suffers dissociative identity disorder and she is Spencer and Bethany but in separated personalities, and is Charlotte’s killer or even A.D. Option 3: She’s just a good actress and did that just to come with her revenge on anyone becoming A.D.

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