Pll Twin Theory: Jenna Marshall


So we haven’t seen Jenna for a long time. We don’t know what happened to her or what she’s been up to, especially as she was a core cast member in seasons 1-3.

The reason why I think she could be a great contender for the PLL twin is because she always went from being blind to sometimes being able to see perfectly. Marlene said recently on Twitter that “there is one dead give-away” that there was a twin on the show – we assume it’s Mrs. D because we just saw her last week, but what if the twin was Jenna’s? And that one give-away scene was this one: We see Jenna is not blind in 2×24 – If these dolls could talk.



Ali and the girls caused Jenna to go blind – the eyes on Ali and the girls’ pictures are always carved out. (I think maybe that was her twin who went blind.) And Jenna’s twin was the one that seduced Toby.

When Toby was moving Jenna’s things and Emily came over, Toby says, Jenna always gets what she wants.

We saw Jenna was sometimes blind and sometimes she was fine.

Nate knew of Jenna and he told her “I knew you saw me” Could she have phoned Emily and told her to get out of the house that time Nate took her?

Jenna went out with Noel, we saw them at the cabin that night Maya got taken – But that doesn’t mean her twin couldn’t have snatched Maya – Maya Knew – of the twin because she spent time at Noel’s Cabin!

We all know when we saw Jenna arrive in season one that she was a Bad Bitch trying to rival Ali.

She was friends with everyone in the NAT club and probably knew everyone’s secrets.

I found this from Wiki “Jenna offers to play flute for the school play, “The Bad Seed” and tells Mr. Fitz that she is fascinated with the play and its theme, the nature of evil. She is seen talking to Ian in the episode by a similar name, , taking a “Neuman’s” shopping bag from him, the contents not revealed”

To understand why, I have a theory, and I know everyone says Bethany isn’t one of the girls’ twins but what if Jenna and Bethany are the twins?

Okay so, Bethany’s mom and Toby’s dad are having an affair – Marion finds out and goes loopy, she gets admitted into Radley. Bethany wants her out of the way so she pushes her off the ledge. A year later, her mom and Toby’s dad end up getting married, and one of the twins go to live with them – i.e Jenna.

Jenna’s mom occasionally brings Bethany out to stay close to them. Mrs. D and Jenna’s mom bond because they both have daughters in Radley, which is why Bethany calls her Aunt Jesse because she takes her and Cece out on trips when Jenna’s mom isn’t able to.

Bethany – Jenna’s Twin, seduces Toby, not Jenna. But that night Ali throws the firecracker and starts the fire, it’s get’s Jenna’s face – which is why Bethany draws those pictures of the girl getting burnt. She knows it’s Ali and the girls who has done this, she also know’s Ali is Charlotte’s sister.

Maybe she planned an escape from Radley, wanted someone to find her dead so she was able to disappear, or was able to switch places with Jenna. Maybe she was the friend of Melissa’s and that’s who Jason saw instead of Charlotte – Was it Melissa and Bethany’s plan to bury Bethany and then pull her back out?

We did see Melissa talking to Jenna and Shana, but was that Bethany and not Jenna? Maybe Bethany had wanted to burn the girls in the lodge like they had done to Jenna. But her plan was ruined by Ali and Charlotte.

Maybe it was a game of war between Charlotte and Bethany, because we know someone tried to drown Jenna.

What do you guys think? Could this theory ever make sense? Could it be Jenna? Or The Blond leading the Blind?