Pretty Isn’t The Point – PLL Recap

Kate Randell

Mona!!! I love seeing Janel back on screen but now after watching that I think she really could be dead, actually i’m a little surprised she was alive after seeing all that blood, that can’t have been healthy to draw blood like that!

So is Mike telling the truth or is he feeding information back to the girls to make them feel sorry for Ali. It’s weird that Lesli said she heard an angry male, but how could she have gotten that from Mike just saying Mona? He sounded surprised more than angry.

@CluesPLL tweeted me this yesterday and she looks like Lesli, could she be a patient at Radley? I’m guessing this redhead is not Mona’s friend Lesli but someone pretending to be her, maybe a fellow friend of Bethany’s? Or Bethany herself?

Lesli Pll

The more I watch Toby, the more suspicious he gets. I mean he’s supposed to be working 24/7 according to Spencer so why was he at Hollis in his lazy boy Tee? And why did Johnny mutter “I believe you” to him? Did that upset Toby and maybe he took that artwork and sold it to the gallery, did he want to arrest Johnny to get him away from Spencer? Also is just me or could Johnny be Spencer’s guardian angel? We saw him looking at her Creepily when Toby got arrested, so is he looking out for her? What if Johnny saved her at the bell tower?

Also Rabbits and tree holes is just reminding me of Alice in Wonderland and then the ghost girl was named Alice, what kind of magic is going on in Rosewood!

Now to the Hannily dance, I mean can Emily dance or what! Hanna on the other hand….I don’t know, she’s not in a good place at the moment is she! She did well to but if she got rid or anger than maybe they could have won the pageant (well, that’s if A didn’t exist)

But who faked Kate’s handwriting?

Kate Randell

Ashley didn’t look too happy when she found out about Kate signing up, she wants to protect Hanna, which makes me think she really is Black Widow and somehow this whole thing has started from her.

What do you guys think? XoXo my Lovlies.

  • Hannah Carroll

    I think that Mrs. Marin wrote Kate’s name there. She has been getting real suspicious lately.

    • PLL Theories

      That’s a good point, she could have done it to protect Hanna which is what she always seems to be doing