Pretty Little Liars Clues and Theories

Bethany is A

Whoever hit Ali was also bleeding.

Bethany is A

Ali lies a lot so don’t believe her side of the story, no one else has told the story so we don’t even know if it was Ali that was hit or whether she was watching everything.

Maybe Mona is not dead, she used to take blood from herself a lot, maybe it was staged. Yes I know we saw her but she could be working with someone else to make everyone believe she’s actually dead. When she was having the fight on the video they found at her house, she didn’t seem bloody, maybe she wanted the video to be found so she could blame Ali and put her in jail for murder. Maybe Paige knows Mona is Alive that’s why she left, she doesn’t want to get mixed up in anything.

There are two stories, one about Alison and her family, which is related to everyone at Radley and one with another team of black hoodies and I think Mike is on one of the teams, I think he stole the laptop from Aria. Maybe to give to Mona.

Marion Cavannaugh and Mrs. D look very Similar, could they be the twins?

If Bethany is Marion’s daughter then it would be motive.

Radley Sanitarium is a anagram for either A Dilaurentis Army or Mary A Dilaurentis.

It all started at Radley.

I think Wren is in Love with Big A, which could be Bethany.

Mona knew about Bethany and Alison knew Mona knew about Bethany.