Red Coat

Wren drawing

red coatCould red coat be someone we have already seen.

Wren drew a picture of red coat with black hair (left). That doesn’t look like one of the girls or anyone their age. Who are the kids and is that the father in the picture. We know that Jessica used to take Bethany out to the farm, could the little girl be Bethany Young. That would make the little boy in the picture younger than Bethany, who do we know that’s younger, Mike?

Why was Wren drawing red coat, was he in love/obsessed with redcoat. Was red coat Vivian Darkbloom, Who do we know that wears white jeans/trousers. Who else fits red coat – Aria? Melissa? Ashley? Alison in a wig?

We know Cece dresses like Alison, why is she dressing up like red coat.

Red coat visited Mona in Radley, all visitors need to sign in,

Aria has a red coat, who else has access to it and can use it!

We don’t see much of red except when red coat is getting people to do things, Mona and Dr Sullivan saw red coat, the waitress called him/her “Pretty eyes”.

Could there be many red coats just as there are many As in black hoodies.

When Jenna came to the part dressed as Gaga, she wore all red with a hoodie.

Could red coat be helping the Liars or could he/she be working against them?

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