Sara Harvey and Wilden Theory

Sara harvey

Sara harveySo we still don’t know how Sara got caught up in this mess but I have a theory. What if Sara was secretly dating Wilden?

Maybe he was also dating Melissa at the same time and Cece caught them, she wanted to expose her to Melissa so she planned something to call her to Rosewood and mess with her.

Is that why Wilden said to Emily’s mum he knew how Emily felt when she accidently killed Nate.

Maybe Wilden felt guilty about Sara and wanted to know if the girls had anything to do with her disappearence.

Is that what the showdown between Wilden and Cece was about? Maybe she killed him before she told him how she tricked Sara to come down to Rosewood, he went to kill her but she shot him first.

What if Sara came to Wilden’s funeral as Black Widow?

She could be working with Charles because of what someone did to Wilden, she probably thinks it’s the girls. Maybe Cece did hit Sara and Charles pulled her out, she was the second girl that was pulled out.

I think Ali and Cece were planning to fake Ali’s death, because Ali said she was writing her diaries for Spencer and the liars. She says in these diaries that she picked then for a reason. So maybe Ali called Sara because she needed a girl to bury and take her place whilst she disappeared.

I definitely think Sara is involved but I’m not convinced she is A, but for sure she is helping.

What do you guys think?



  • Tana Schott

    It occurred to me last night as I was scrolling through the season 5 titles….I think Sara took Mona from her house on Thanksgiving Day. She is totally involved in this. Why else bring her character back into the storyline?