“Sara Harvey” is transgender Charles! – Guest Theory by Mariella and Melissa

charles dilaurentis

Our theory is that “Sara Harvey” is a transgender Charles Dilaurentis. Firstly, in the home video of Charles and Jason like in the picture below. Why has one got pink laces and one got blue? It has to mean something?

Following this, Charles tried to “drown Alison” according to Mr Dilaurentis. But what was his motive? Perhaps he was jealous and angry that Alison had the chance to be accepted as a girl by the family and he knew he wouldn’t? So he decided to kill her off so he could be his mom’s little girl?

Next, we see that Charles apparently killed himself with pills in Radley at 16. However, as we have seen with Spencer, it is next to impossible to get hold of ANY pills in a mental home, no matter how smart and knifing Charles may have been.

Moving on to “Sara Harvey”. Firstly, as worked out by another PLL fan, Sara Harvey’s “remembrance” page  is unlikely to be real, as the image used is a shutter stock image. They must have done this for a reason? Or why not use an actual photo of Sara Harvey, considering the image didn’t even close to look like her? It would have cost PLL A LOT of money to license the photo, so why not just use a photo of the actress? They must have done it for a reason.

So we think that “Sara Harvey” does not exist. She was created, or rather transformed into by Charles, so that he could be the person he (or rather she) wants to be. Supposedly, “Sara” was trapped in the dollhouse for 2 years, however came out with no health issues but being shaken up and a “dead look in her eye”. Surely she would be even slightly damaged, emotionally or physically? Being trapped underground for 2 whole years being called by someone else’s name would be sure to drive anyone insane, and yet Sara didn’t even receive a psych evaluation? And was discharged before the liars who had been there for a month.

Moving on from this, Pam stated that she saw Sara leaving the hospital with her mom, “she thinks”. However we never actually see her mom, nor does Emily, Pam or any of the other liars even speak to her. Could she be avoiding emancipation because she doesn’t have a parent to become emancipated from? But who was Sara leaving with? Possibly an older lady that could pass for her mom? Possibly CeCe Drake? She could have known about Sara/Charles’ existence being so “close” with the family.

Apparently on her departure of the hospital, Sara “heard where Emily lived”. Firstly, who would she hear it from, and secondly their addresses would be hugely privatised, not just handed out to a random girl who was trapped in a dollhouse for 2 years.

When the liars are with Dr Sullivan, they receive a text from ‘A’ with a video of “Sara” sleeping threatening to hurt her. However, the figure in the video looks very unreal, almost like it could be some sort of doll AND you never see her face. If this is true, Sara/Charles/A, could be taking the video in order to stop the liars telling Dr Sullivan what they wanted to say. Image below.

charles dilaurentis

Then, when the liars return back to Emily’s to make sure “Sara” is OK, the sheets are stuffed with pillows, whilst Sara is apparently showering. Why would A/Sara/Charles feel the need to stuff the sheets except from creating suspense if Sara is clearly in the shower at the time?

charles dilaurentis

Why DOES Sara shower so much? If she is A/Charles then she would need to find a place to use devices that would not make Emily suspicious. And using the excuse of showering because of the trauma is the perfect distraction to avoid any unwanted questions.

Lastly, in the most recent episode, “No Stone Unturned” 6×06 the liars find out that they have been microchipped by A/Charles. However, in the episode before we see that even though Emily and Sara are together, on A’s screen we only see Emily’s location, not Sara’s showing that she has not actually been microchipped. Why is this? Considering she was ‘kidnapped’ for two years you would think that she would be much more important to A, and that A would want to keep her from telling everything she knows to the police. Moving on from this, Emily decides to find out if Sara is microchipped, and upon trying to check, Sara is quick to distract Emily by kissing her, knowing she is vulnerable and any easy target. How does Sara even know Emily is into girls? They’ve been friends for two weeks? The only way she could know, is if she was Charles.

Micro chip pll

Credit: Mariella Devoil and Melissa Askew

  • Kera Tobias

    I never thought about that but I think she wasn’t chipped beacuse she is not the real Alison so he doesn’t want her he wants the real Alison but what about Mona she wasn’t chipped either that’s wired! But A could be Sarah in a way