Season 6 Promo PLL

M Pll

If you haven’t seen the new season 6 promo for PLL, brace yourself! Have a peek:

The thing that stood out to me was this:

M Pll

I had a thought that what if Mrs. D never had Marion killed but locked up by Charles?  Or Charles was blackmailing Mrs.D for some reason?

From this it looks like someone who we think is dead has actually been locked up, maybe it’s Maya but what if it’s Marion? I mean Mona was in there for a long time, what if it’s exactly the same situation with Toby’s mum?

Toby became a cop for a reason so maybe he knows his mum is alive and is captured by the same person who has been torturing the girls.

I think it’s no more Who is A but more Who is M?

Also if Charles’ sister Bethany was pushed by Mrs. D instead of Marion and it was covered up then it would give him motive. Maybe Bethany didn’t die but her face was crushed from where she fell?  If we look at Marlene King’s recent clue, we see she’s posting photos of a boy/girl duo.

Interestingly the William Blake illustrations also show a girl/boy. Looks a little similar right?

Season 6 PLL

What do you guys think and what do you think of the awesome but creepy new promo for Season 6?










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