Short Recap: The Melody Lingers On and Theories

Boo Boo's Ice Cream

I like that the girls are getting a little clever, I mean Aria actually caught on to the fact that A never found anything from Mona’s room. Hanna knew the song was by Edith Piaf, and there were a few others things which caught me by surprise about yesterdays’s episode, it just felt a lot grown up and really well written.

News got out about Jason and Ashley after he took the stand. Not surprising in Rosewood, you can’t keep a secret unless you are A.

So remember when Emily, Aria and Spencer went to that abandoned Ice cream factory, well guess who is about to get convicted for Mona’s murder also! This is why A wanted all their prints, to make it easy in sending them to prison.

Boo Boo's Ice Cream

Liars DNA

No doubt the girls will ALL join Ali in prison next week.

Pastor Ted was back and seemed very calm, calm before the storm?  I’ve mentioned on twitter that Ted could possibly be A. Just because of the connection with The Scarlet Letter and Lolita, could point to Ali having a relationship with the Pastor and getting pregnant.

Last night’s episode shows the girls finding a note with 3 riddles, Clues PLL on twitter sent me this 


If it is Charles Dilaurentis and with the promo showing us baby blocks, could Charles be the baby’s name? Ali loved books and she could have told Ted a name she loved like she did with Ezra and maybe she mentioned if she were ever to have a kid she would name him/her Charles. I could actually imagine Ali saying something like this. Maybe Mona knew Ali’s secret about the baby, Mona’s Anagram also spells Search L DiLaurentis.

I’m wondering if that’s why she disappeared to Paris, to raise the baby there?

The second theory from the episode is that, the letters are not Charles Dilaurentis but are Rachel S Dilaurentis? I’ve mentioned on twitter that it could be Rachel, simply because Radley Sanitarium is an anagram of Maya R Dilaurentis. If it is Maya R, than it could be Maya Rachel Dilaurentis. There is an S and i’m wondering why but I have no answers at the moment.

It all gets a bit confusing though.

The third theory is that Mona is still A and was always A. I’ll explain in a new post out soon.